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Battlefield had a free week for premium just recently so I downloaded it. The maps you get with the dlc's are pretty fun and enjoyable if only I could actually play them. The only conquest servers that exist on bf1 are for base maps. Sometimes you'll get servers with a little mix of base maps plus a dlc map of two, but come on! Living in the states and only being able to find TSAR servers in Germany is kind of irritating.


  • ElliotLH
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    The DLC specific servers are usually pretty empty and you would have more chance of playing these maps if you're looking for Conquest servers titled MIXED or R2BFV, or Operations and Shock Operation servers running DLC maps.

    I'm sorry to say that some game modes, such as Supply Drop, will be all but abandoned so the chances of you finding active games will be slim.
  • CS-2107
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    Like Elliot said, type into your server browser MIXED, you should get Servers named like [MIXED]Official. Those have all maps in their playlist. All DLC and Basegame maps.
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