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Battlefield V's Paratrooper Sets

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Hey Battlefield V Community,

A couple of weeks ago we published a blog that detailed what you get for pre-ordering Battlefield V and the various bonuses you get with the edition you pick up. Naturally, everyone wants to see what it is they're getting for pre-ordering or purchasing the Deluxe Edition. I'm proud to tell you that we're here to solve the mystery!

Special thanks for Steven Bigras (Producer) and Ryan McArthur (Producer) for assisting with sourcing the screenshots and access details, respectively.

Below you will find the following screenshots for each Paratrooper set and weapon skin, and a quick Q&A to resolve some outstanding questions.

How many sets are there to collect through pre-order and edition bonuses?
There are 9 sets in total.
  • Desert Medic
  • Desert Commando
  • Phantom Major
  • Desert Driver
  • Fallschrimjager
  • Sanitater
  • Luftlandetruppen
  • Jagdflieger
  • Firestorm Ranger

How do I get each set?
You get a specific amount of Tokens for pre-ordering, purchasing an edition, or playing BF1 that you can use to unlock the sets as you see fit.
  • You get 1 Token when you pre-order either the Battlefield V Deluxe or Standard Edition.
  • You get 5 Tokens as part of the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition.
  • You can earn 2 Tokens by playing Battlefield 1, as part of the final stage of the Road to Battlefield V.

Wait, that's 8 Tokens possible. How do I get the 9th set?
Announced in September, the Firestorm Ranger Set is an additional pre-order bonus.

How many Tokens do I get if I'm an Origin Access Premier subscriber?
You get 6 Tokens if you're an Origin Access Premier subscriber. You still have to play BF1 as part of the final stage of the Road to Battlefield V to get the other 2 Tokens.

Are there also weapon skins that we get?
Yes! There are 4 Axis skins and 4 Allied skins. Once you unlock a Class outfit set you'll have access to that Class weapon skin (Desert Medic gets STEN skin, etc.). As soon as you have the weapon skin you can use it with both factions as weapons are shared between Allied and Axis.
  • The Allies get the Denison skin set
  • The Axis get the Peacekeeper skin set

Desert Medic

Desert Commando

Phantom Major

Desert Driver





Firestorm Ranger

KE7 Denison

Lee Enfield No.4 MK I Denison

STEN Denison

Sturmgewehr Denison

KE7 Peacekeeper

Lee Enfield No.4 MK I Peacekeeper

STEN Peacekeeper

Sturmgewehr Peacekeeper

Thank you for your patience on this one!

Edit: Added weapon skins access details.
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