[PC] MadCast Gaming is now recruiting

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********** MCG-Community recruiting members for BF V ************
We are a mature North American gaming community and we are recruiting members for BFV (PC only).
Our website is at address https://www.madcastgaming.com/ips/forums/forum/5-introductions/ (introduce yourself to us).

What we ask:

Admin requests will be respected.
- People will not be attacked nor will rage be directed at anyone.
- People will not be called racist or religious slurs of any kind.
- People will not be expected to tolerate unwanted and unsolicited sexually-charged comments directed at them.
- People will not discuss the buying, selling, use, experience, or possession of illegal drugs.
- People will cease a line of teasing or jest if asked by the target of that jest or someone else on Discord in that channel.

Our primary means of communication is our DISCORD server and our forum page, both can be found at: https://www.madcastgaming.com/

We play many games and want you to join us on our battlefield adventures or to join us else where!

You can contact me if you have questions:

Discord: Shattered#8924

Origin: Shattered89


  • Lurama
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    I've been playing with MadCast for roughly 2.5 years now. It was a very welcoming place when I was looking for some other folks to play Heroes of the Storm in a more cooperative mindset and with open comms. Since HotS I've played numerous games with these guys; ranging from the prior Battlefield games to tabletop games, Destiny 2, WoW, Ark, and many more.

    What's great about MadCast is that it really is a self run group. Yes there are admins and they're expected to help keep things civil but that doesn't keep them from getting down in the trenches with everyone else and playing some games.

    In the past MadCast had a pretty large Battlefield group and we're looking to hopefully build that back up with the release of BFV. We plan to run events, which will be within the confines of what we can do with the servers. We are also open to hosting small tournaments as well.

    Look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!
  • Lurama
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    Just wanted to give this a small bump. Always looking for some more friendly faces to roam the fields of BF V with.
  • 9IronKiller
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    I have TS guys but not Discord. Is that an issue
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