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  • BaronVonGoon
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    Xbox one x.
    Based on conquest. I haven't touched ops yet.

    To sum it up, the game is a lot of fun. Its more challenging than BF1, which is addictive. Its harder to go on the same killstreaks as BF1. But this is a good thing. BF1 was too easy. The gunplay is awesome, skill is back. Yes, aiming and controlling recoil and tap firing correctly is a skill and its back.

    •Best of the best are the grenade changes. •There's no grenade spam at all.
    •Gunplay is awesome. So satisfying. I love that the full-auto meta is gone.
    •Changes to visibility to make it easier to spot enemies works. But not on all maps. It's very hard to see enemies on Devestation, the map is a campers dream. Its also hard to see on Hamada because the map is so big.
    •Map load times is excellent. No longer will you wait 2-4 minutes for a map to load.
    •Haven't played with vehicles yet.
    •Really happy with the reduction in random deaths due to the annoying sweet spot, goodbye sweet spot.
    •Ammo attrition changes seem to work. I didn’t run out of ammo often. Although its annoying that you have to build the ammo and health stations now.
    •I haven’t experienced any fog, rain, smoke or any other form of ugly yet.

    •Need more time playing the maps. So far they're really good. They feel big, each map feels like a proper battlefield, unlike BF1 maps. Very early impressions:
    Hamada maybe too big.
    Rotterdam is one of the best BF maps I've ever played.
    Devastation is different, good different. Can’t describe the feel, play it and you’ll see.
    Twisted steal is ALOT of fun.
    Arras doesn't play very well. Too much zerg.
    Fjell. I liked it. Its a change of pace and feels like a BF1 map in terms of pacing and how it plays.

    •Footsteps. Why Dice? We can't hear any footsteps. We'll have to wait months now for this to be added.
    •Slowdown aim assist is the stickiest in any BF game I've ever played. I have auto ration disabled so I don't know what/if they've done anything to it.
    •Aiming feels off on console. They've changed a couple of things and this is making aiming a bit clunky. One thing they've changed for sure is the x/y ratio (Aiming up/down is slower than aiming side to side).
    •The game UI is one of the worst in any game I've ever played.
    •The scopes are disappointing. Most are hard to see with.
    •Gun variety maybe an issue down the road, right now its too early to tell.
    •Zarya is nowhere to be found, same is blue face paint guy, steampunk is gone.

  • Gophekyorself
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    The bugs, glitches, and balancing issues aside I like the core gunplay. The game is much improved over the beta but these maps either seem too small or poorly laid out and the pace of the game is ridiculous. It feels like you've just spawned, five seconds later killed an enemy, got killed yourself almost instantly after, waited longer to respawn than was actually alive, lather rinse repeat. At the very least decrease the player count in infantry modes (domination, TDM) back to 24.

    It's going to need work in a lot of other areas too. Like the health system, it's not settling with me too well. Maybe you should hold more than one med pack as other classes, be able to take med packs from medics. make it easier for medics to know when to give players med packs. Also, while visibility has been improved since the beta it still needs work.
  • PR0V069
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    The only issue I have is the FRAME RATE DROPS.

    Im getting around 75fps @ 4K Ultra and sometimes for a split second, it drops to around 40 then back up to 75fps.

    Please sort this!
  • ShinjukuGagball
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    First impressions so far:

    Piece of thrash.

    Every time I start the game I need to set up brightness and audio and look at that damn EA/Frostbita intro and start the prologue. This game just don't work for me. No settings are saved. Going trough the settings everytime? I wont toych this **** until I have a way of fixing this...Tried eliminating the whole Origin install and downloading the game again, but with no result.

    I am furious.

    I would be glad if anybody could help me out on this matter.
  • ScarittagleTr
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    Fix the infinite loading issue that's all I'm asking.
  • buckeyefan26x
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    Dice has dropped the ball with BF5. The design choices and obvious social political decisions have ruined what was once promising WW2 game( when BF5 announced it was a ww2 game) and turned it into a joke. BFV doesnt even give you the sense or feel like your actually in ww2 which is the complete opposite of BF1 which had amazing atmosphere,felt like a real war game and had the feeling of how brutal war was back then. BF5 feels like a indie development team trying to make there first war game. BFV isnt the world war 2 experience I wanted to play or want to spend 60$ on. Its honestly a joke. BFV shouldve been like this
  • scudharry1
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    I played the 10 hour trial for 2 hours then completely shut the game down but it still used up the other 8 hours
  • drh0u5e
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    Some bugs & informations
    • After the revival several meters away, or flying (often)
    • Infinite Loading after Conquest Maps (many times on two windows systems)
    • Invite my wife -> game closed automatically :) (2 times)
    • Aircraft are always steering differently ... sometimes the planes spin fast and sometimes slowly.
    • Revival sometimes not working (every player on the server; i've ask they)
    • Pinned to ladders (2 Times)
    • Lost through wooden bridges that were not broken (1 Time)
    • Just an info: Ports still have to be listed in the Battlefield 5 Support area. (TCP: 80, 443, 8080; UDP: 443; Working well)

    Edit: Wishes
    • Females with hairs
    • Stronger weapons for medics (currently the class is not played because it is so weak)
    • Better flight control with mouse and keyboard
    • Allied Forces should not have V2-Rockets
    • Loading screens with images or better indicators... sometimes you do not know if the game has crashed or not
    • Possibility to report players

    Sorry for my bad english.
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  • Tubs93Gaming
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    I want to start off by mentioning the good stuff, what I love about BFV so far. However, my most relevant feedback is regarding the lack of a "switch team" button and the difficulties squading up with friends.

    The War Stories
    I'm a sucker for the singleplayers. I haven't played through all of it yet, but so far I really like it. This is where DICE really get the chance to show off what BFV can do. The amazing graphics, the music, the gameplay mechanics, it all plays together to deliver a cinematic experience worth remembering while telling interesting, fun and/or catchy stories. It felt more open than in BF1, giving you choices of what routes to take or what objectives to attack first. The music has been really good in general, in both SP and MP.

    The Tactical Approach
    The new focus on team play, that force you to think more tactically, is really appealing.

    No Respawn Mode
    The no respawn mode at the end of operations was so much fun. The entire team slowed down and was a lot more careful. I have a feeling that this mode might not be a regular sighting, however, and the round was rather short. It would be fun to see a no respawn gamemode running on dedicated servers, this is something Battlefield has been lacking for a long time. Battle Royale is coming later, but that is different. An objective based gamemode with 2 teams against each other would be fun.

    Now over to the issues and the things that I'd like to see change.

    Team Switching & Joining Friends
    With the renewed focus on team play, it is now also harder than ever to join friends in a game. Teaming up with a group in BF1 was always a hassle, but having several backup plans, it always worked in the end. Being from a Discord community, I often join games with new random people that I haven't added in Origin yet. With the Origin friends system being what it is, this often results in new friends not showing online.

    Here are the steps that we would have to go through:
    1. Create a party and invite everyone to it. This requires everyone to be friends with at least one in the party so they can join it.
    2. If they can not see each other online or are still unable to join one another, both players must quit the game and restart origin. Often players would still experience the same problems.
    3. Join through the Platoon. If new players join, it would require a platoon manager to be available so they can be accepted into it. Sometimes players would not see other platoon members playing or they would experience an error trying to join.
    4. The most reliable way, if none of the above worked, was to join via a server number. This could get you all on different teams, but by using the "switch team" button you would eventually end up on the same team.

    In BFV this is even more difficult. The party system is replaced by a squad of maximum four players. If someone's already playing, they have to kick someone from the squad before the one joining can even get into the queue. If they join via the server browser, there is a 50/50 chance that they will end up on the other team, now with no "switch team" button.

    I understand that this has been removed to prevent players from jumping to the winning team. However, when you can't switch unless there are fewer players on the opposing team, this didn't seem like a huge problem. It also makes it impossible to switch to the losing team if the teams are imbalanced, which we often did in BF1.

    Bug: Spawning Unvoluntary
    While being all the way back at the deploy screen I went into the squad menu to create another squad. Simultaneously, the game spawned me into the game, where I got killed before I even knew I had spawned. This happened on Grand Operations on Rotterdam.

    The spawning in the beginning is intentional, however, I dislike to be thrown into the match before I have finished selecting the kits and weapons. Then having to wait another 30 seconds for the match to start anyway.

    Vehicle Selection
    After new years in 2018, a patch allowing us to select and customize vehicles before they were available at the spawn was released for BF1. This made the vehicle selection work a lot better. At launch, this is not possible in BFV either, so I hope this gets added soon.

    Map Borders
    The map borders seems a bit awkward at times. The fighting can be near the border and you're about to go behind cover, but the cover is out of bounds, forcing you back out into the open again. In the prologue, while playing in the Netherlands, jumping the fence to the left at the beginning and then going forward as you were supposed to, caused you to leave and re-enter the battlefield. In the MP, I think it was Grand Operations in Devastation that the border went straight through the road/plaza that the fighting was taking place on. It might just be me that have a poor understanding of the MP maps this early, and thus attacked where I shouldn't have, but it just felt awkward.

    I'd like there to be an option to always wait for the longest possible time for a revive, unless a button is pressed. In BF1, I'd usually wait for the time to go out before skipping, because some medic could always have the chance to get me. Especially while playing in a squad, waiting for revives paid off. In BFV, you have to hold the left mouse button to wait longer. If you don't hold it immediately after you die, half the time will pass and the medics now have next to no time to get you up. Holding a button instead of just leaning back and waiting also makes me more restless and impatient, causing me to skip revives more often. Since revives take a longer time now, the medics also have to be more careful before getting you up, so they need the extra time.

    The death screen is now only available for a short time before you go into the revive screen, which makes it disappear too soon.

  • kouyuuki
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    Perhaps allowing players to have AI Bots / offline version for multiplayer would be nice. At least it might give some people who want to play offline without facing other players or invite friends only would be better option.

    Like it's hard for anyone to practice and improve if players are going to just dominate over you or dealing with people who hacks/cheats.
  • willtreaty2003
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    Based on PC
    To start with the game IS fun however there are several issues that should be addressed
    1. Make all of the pre-order sets available no where did I see that I could only get one of them and frankly, I paid for both of them.
    2. FIX. THE. TANKS! I am in a giant metal death machine, I shouldn't get blown up as easily as I can and when I cash in my squad points for a Churchill crocodile I want to be able to use it.
    3. Make the allied planes as powerful as the German planes. I don't care about historical accuracy when it comes to game balance. Same goes for the tanks. I shouldn't be getting shot out of the sky easier than the enemy planes just because I have a spitfire instead of a bf-107.
    4. Go with the battlefield 1 vehicle unlock system.
    5. Allow customization of pilots and tankers.
    6.Add some of the more iconic battles, add US, and do a good job with the pacific theater. Don't focus to much on obscure stuff. This is WWII battlefield. Not obscure battles of WWII. I will be unhappy without battles like Normandy, Operation Market Garden, Pearl harbor, Iwo Jima, one or two blitzkrieg maps, and Stalingrad. I like the obscure battles But I also want the big ones.
    7. Add in a lot of naval stuff
    8. Make towing work or remove it and put in more field guns and AA guns.
    9. fix frame rate issues
    10. More ammo. Especially to support and recon. Support gets machine guns. Machine guns are for SUPPRESSIVE FIRE. They use a lot of ammo. Recon sits somewhgere high away from the rest of the world, and ammo, and snipes. They should get more ammo.
    11. Less fall damage.
    12. Do the bug fixes and balance changes quickly.

    In the future put the engineer class back in. Separate from support. And keep the medic class. That make 5 classes.
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  • Liber201
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    !!!Important.Medic do NEED ANOTHER WEAPON VARIANT, especially SLR,I think give SLR to assault is unacceptable
  • VASiLiJE
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    This is for Xbox One X -

    I am a big time Battlefield player - been playing on console since BF2: Modern Combat. I have 1000+ hours playing all styles of Battlefield combat - from guns, to planes, to helis, to tanks. I am enjoying the game; however, there is SO much that just doesn't feel fleshed out or thought out. It feels like the beta never happened. The glitches and bugs from the beta are STILL occurring.

    There is something about the aiming that feels off - it took me 8 hours to feel comfortable with the game play and aiming - the last two hours of my 10 hour trail were great. But, the frustration of figuring out a sensitivity that worked was extremely tedious.

    That being said - these are my main gripes. They are not in order of annoyance.

    1# - The Commo Rose system for BFV is the worst I have ever used. I don't know who designed it, but they clearly have not used it in practice. As a squad leader - you are constantly trying to assign the correct flag and with 5-7 flags it is HARD to hit the right flag. Then, half the time the Commo Rose doesn't work and you have to do it again. Furthermore, the top commands are hard to use as well. I try to always thank the medic when I am revived and it is simply tedious to use. I love what you can do with Commo Rose - the problem is the implementation. Please make this easier to use. You made the health/ammo requests MASSIVE - and allowed the rest to be tiny. With a controller the current system just doesn't work well.

    2# - V2 - Rocket is buggier than the Amazon Jungle - the Commo Rose system for calling it requests is so bad - you try to do a rocket and it gives you a supply drop - then you finally get a rocket and it won't allow you to use it because of some massive black graphic across the screen. This issue is key for squad leaders - most players won't even be aware, but for those of us that are trying to do this... it is important. In my 10 hour trial - I'd say 30-50% of the time I tried to use the rocket it bugged out and called in supply drops and then wouldn't let me use the thing. I think this is another bug dealing with the poor implementation of the Commo Rose from problem 1# - the entire system is wonky and it doesn't work. The same problems from the BETA.

    3# - Revives don't work at times - and 10% of the time when you are revived you will switch weapons with the person you are reviving... Another Beta bug still here. And, oddly enough it is not on the "Known issues" list.

    4# - Weapons on the ground dropped by enemies disappear way too fast. With the attrition system I want to be able to throw down my kit, pick up the kit of the enemy and resupply myself, then pick back up my kit. This worked in all of the other BF games. Why is this so difficult to achieve?

    5# - Support guns are lasers while bipodded - but they are also GREAT at CQB with shooting from the hip and great at medium range while not bipodded. The KE7 is crazy good.

    6# - Model 8 sniper... 5 shots - 3 shot kill at range... and it only holds 30 shots total, shoots slow, crazy vertical recoil, and it reloads a single bullet at a time. Why? The time to kill is increased for all other guns... but this gun in particular is just... odd. It has the amount of ammo you would think for a regular sniper - but IT IS NOT a sniper. So... give it more?

    7# - Tanks... the big slow one. The number of shots needed to destroy an enemy tank is not balanced with how many you have, how long it takes to get to a resupply point, and the difficulty of shooting. Tanks game play was spot on in Bf3 and Bf4... why have we gone backwards. I understand the problem of tanks on hills, but this is just TEDIOUS. They just feel off. I had to drop the vehicle sensitivity to like... 12% to have any type of control. I understand that PC can get away with the crazy sensitivity... but for consoles it doesn't work.

    8# - Notification in game of what has occurred would be nice as well - for instance - shooting and killing an enemy - it's highly deceptive and you get massive amounts of points for this and that and I sometimes look to the KILL FEED to see if I killed someone rather than in the middle of the screen. That's NOT a good system. I am not playing hard core - give us the gratification of knowing who we killed. I don't give a rip about the squad assist / suppression / whatever - I want to know who I killed and how many I killed.

    9# - Visibility of enemies is difficult to see - but it's high lighted when playing as a medic - trying to look for enemies and friendly bodies and the revive icons are taking up part of the screen. It is a bit too much.

    10# - Time to death is very fast. When someone has the jump on you. You are dead. The idea of disengaging or getting away or turning on them and killing them faster is nearly impossible. Obviously this is not BF1, but in BF1 for instance, I was never killed SO fast that I didn't have time to react. Turning on players and killing them in BF1 was possible. Turning on a player in BFV is a waste of time. Going prone and laying in the grass and waiting for them to walk past you and shooting them in the back IS possible - but... is that what the META should be?

    11# - The UI between games is ugly. Again, the BF1 system was great. It was clean, clear, and did a bunch of great things (it just needed a MVP and ACE squad ribbon). This new system feels like a beta end score board. It doesn't feel like any amount of care went into it.

    12# - Explanation of abilities is lacking - for instance using a med crate on a medic... is it a one time use or is it time based... or what? People die so fast and with such weapon accuracy why is it not okay for us to use more med crates? I do not understand. Self-healing as a medic is just weird - I still don't understand what I am doing. The entire health system doesn't make sense to me. 10 hours into the game and I still don't really know - should I hold up or should I not....? Using the tank's emergency heal - is that a one time use or on a timer? Again, we need more clarification IN GAME. How about bombers - they have one bomb. They are then so dang slow - and there is so much AA on the map that it is pointless to continue flying. Drop bomb and bail. Why waste the time flying back to resupply in a lumbering pelican of a plane? AA and enemy planes will down you ages before you get to bomb again. This was in the explanation of abilities part - but it could have been its own section.

    13# - So much. I want to continue writing, but I know this will not be read, and even if it is read, it won't change a dang thing. Basically, it feels like it was rushed and so much is missing. The graphics are amazing and the gun play CAN be fun and crisp. But, a game needs substance. All of these minors issues build up into frustration and tedium. Some of the issues are so glaringly bad ( in my opinion ) that I wonder if the play testers are even doing it on console. The Commo Rose for instance - it leaves so much to be desired. Is it game breaking? NO. It is frustrating? YES. Can it easily be fixed? YES. Then do it. I challenge you to play your own game on Xbox as a squad leader and to utilize the Commo Rose system and the Request (V2 rocket) system without becoming frustrated.

    14# - Team balancing is off - You go on either Win streaks or Lose streaks. In BF1 you never knew what was happening and games were switched up constantly. It was annoying at times, but you didn't always have the lopsided games. Currently it feels a lot like the winning team will just keep winning.
  • Mystriall
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    1. M30 drilling still has the glitch where it sometimes starts howering above your hands, making aiming downsight especially difficult.
    2. Assignments tracking is bugged. It's actually quite frustrating trying to do assignments when it doesn't track properly. "build 20 fortifications in 1 round" - easy! however, when i build it, it tracks the 1st, the next 5 it doesn't. Same goes for killing and other stuff.
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    Ticket Bleed Fake Balance?
    This ticket bleed system is variable and fake. Why are you trying to make every game end up almost even at the end? Bring back the ticket system from Bf4. Please post a detailed description of how this ticket system works? flag cap times, variables, ect. This system is artificial.
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    Please configure the gadgets by slots as in BF4. When you can choose which gadget to place in slot 1 or 2. Add the ability to change the specialization of weapons during the match.
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    I already finished my BF5 Origin Access 10 Hour Trail and the only thing which comes to my Mind when I play this Game are the Lyrics from the Song Happier (Marshmello & Bastille)

    Cause this just don't feel right to me

    I loved the BF series. But this one... I will probably skip.

  • Krypto_El1te
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    Just in short

    1. Where is team balance? Sometimes it is 10 vs 32 but no balance in work
    2. Where is anti cheat?

  • HairCookies
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    Why does this feel like crap to me? Feels like COD. No real epic battles. Just feels cartoon style to me.
  • Chacal_FEBr
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    Hi guys, i guess the bright of aim sight of recon class it's truly exaggerated, what you think about that?
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