More team play for Battlefield 6

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BF4 is a terrific game with so many possibilities. Sadly most players don't use them. I stopped playing the game because running around and randomly shooting players bores me. I hope EA will bring some new features that make team play more attractive, or even necessary. Players with high levels could be promoted to squad leaders and other players have to follow their orders. Or every player in a squad is assigned to a position, which makes sneaking up from the back more difficult for enemies. Air units should provide air support, instead of just flying around the map. There's so much potential in this game. It should be possible to use it, even if you're not in a milsim group.
And if you just like to run around and shoot players, you can still play COD.


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    Imagine a BF world map with 1000s of players playing on a global map at the same time and all fighting a war with the objective to: first to Berlin, Moscow, London Or New York.

    If players planned their own d day, with land sea and air. Bombers, Paratroops, landings all working off of each other. I just think BF should go above 64 players. Picture being that german looking at the horizon of ships
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    Areas where I would like to see improvement and Battlefield going deeper into co-operation elements (fantasy from console player):

    1. Classes could be better branched into sub-classes which has dependencies build between them. Niche combat roles to be carried. Diverse system.

    2. Supply chain could be improved by deeper resource gameplay: commander supply drops, supply stations etc. Auxiliary vehicles being new vehicle category for supply and maintenance tasks.

    3. Squad leader and commander being leader classes on field and requiring radioman observer to relate co-ordinates for their assets and be within their range to function. Asset support must be operational in main base which can be sabotaged by enemy forces and rebuild back once damaged (time consuming).

    4. Close Air Support, artillery pieces and forward observing spotter being tandem mechanics. Laser designators for co-ordinated guided AT launchers.

    5. Tactical overlay maps and color coded smoke grenades for each universal and soldier class related tasks ordered by leader classes.

    6. Squad wide combat role locking. Commander can designate operational focus of each squad.

    7. Tactical and Commo rose separately, personal mission log for each individual soldier where requested tasks are in priorized order.
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    Are you playing hardcore? I think it's the only way Battlefield is intended to be. More squad cooperation and tactics. Also the game mode is important, for example if you play conquest is more likely to find people fooling around on the map as if they are drunk and shooting to whatever is moving. They should concentrate more on rush or defuse. Imagine a defuse game with 64 players, everyone has one life and staying together with an assault is a must in case you need health or to be revived. They should also reduce the number of bullets you are carrying, but not adding ammo supply points all over the map as in BFV. Unfortunately we have seen that after BF4 the trend is Battlefield becoming everytime more similar to COD. Let's see what the future will bring
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