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Lots of Disconnects

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I am getting a lot of disconnects when I play BFV. I would post in the BFV PC section, but I can't create a thread nor reply in that section.

I get the disconnects with both Origin Overlay enabled or disabled.

I run a constant ping in the background, and my connection is not going down.

I am usually in voice chat, either in teamspeak, or discord, and that connection is not going down.

My connection to BFV goes down.



  • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
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    Log in and back out on the forums and that should put the game on your account thus allowing to post in the pc section.

    Trying making the game a high priority. I had the same issue and went into my Killer Network app and set BFV to high priority and havent had a disconnect since.

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