Empty servers should start on a random map instead of always Narvik.

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It seems that every time the matchmaker can't find a server with room for my party, we end up on an empty server about to start running Narvik. Since this happens a lot we get to play a lot on Narvik and following maps like Fjell and Twisted Steel, and we only rarely see Aerodrome.

It would be nice if empty servers would all start at a random point in the map rotation, so that we wouldn't have to play the same maps over and over again. I usually play with 2 friends so we often end up in empty servers since it's hard for the matchmaker to find a running server with 3 slots free on one team.

On a side note, the matchmaking algorithm for BFV seems to work a lot better than in BF1. In BF1 we'd often end up on empty servers that never get any more players, but in BFV it seems the servers fill up really fast once they start getting players.
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