DXR - How to Enable on PC & Known Issues

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Hello Battlefield V PC players,

If you have an Nvidia video card capable of utilizing their ray-tracing technology, you'll be able to dive in for the first time with this amazing tech.

How to Enable DXR on PC

First, you'll need to ensure you've installed the Battlefield V 11-14-2018 Update, and have the latest Nvidia drivers.
Additionally, you'll need to make sure you've installed the latest Windows 10 Update - "Windows 10 October 2018 Update". If you have automatic updates turned on for Windows, you should have it installed.
If you don't have automatic updates turned on, you can manually check for the update and download it here.

Some details to help you get started:
  1. Install the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (RS5)
    Windows 10 will automatically download the October 2018 Update on your computer if you've turned on automatic updates in Windows Update settings. When the update is ready, you'll be asked to pick a time to install it. After it's installed, your computer will be running Windows 10, version 1809. If you want to install the update now, select Start Menu -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update, and then select Check for updates. If updates are available, install them.
  2. Enable DX12 & DXR in Battlefield V
    To enable Ray Tracing in Battlefield V, go to VIDEO -> ADVANCED to enable DX12 and DXR in the game

DXR Known Issues

The Battlefield V 11-14-2018 Update which introduces the first release of DXR ray tracing shipped with a couple of known bugs. We recommend in this first release of DXR ray tracing that “DXR Raytraced Reflections Quality” be set to “Low” for the best experience. We will continue to work with NVIDIA to further enhance your ray tracing experience.
  • “Medium” DXR quality preset setting not applied correctly
  • May cause performance and quality in the “Medium” preset to vary depending on which preset you selected last
  • Status: Fix coming in an upcoming update.
  • DXR Performance degraded in maps which feature a lot of foliage
  • This particularly effects War Stories “Liberte” and “Tirailleur”
  • Status: Currently investigating

We'll see you on the battlefield!

The Teams at EA/DICE
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