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Join Devils Brigade! {NA/EU}

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Devils Brigade is an international community-centric clan formed by both new and seasoned veterans to the Battlefield series and many other games. Our members enjoy playing in a casual but structured environment.

We pride ourselves on having established a friendly community that is willing to teach newcomers to the games we support and placing the utmost importance on team play.
If you are looking for a community that cares more about it's members than the games it provides you’ve looked in the right place.
What we are looking for:
We are a community that makes sure it's members mesh together well. We put all new members through a trial run to make sure that we are the right fit for you.
All ages 18+ are welcome
English Speaking
What we provide:
A fun, relaxed environment
A minimalistic approach to moderating with an extensive vetting process to make sure your never being told off by a power hungry kid.
Content generated by the community
Streamer support (If you stream we will advertise you on our website and do whatever we can to help you flourish)
A fully developed website
Servers owned by DB to provide the best experience possible
Life and friends come first. You will not be expected to attend any mandatory meetings, or drop any clans you may already be apart of to join Devil’s Brigade.
You join us when you're ready. Once you have been approved we do not deny you access to our discord if you choose not to become officially apart of us.
What we require:
You will be expected to read our information and rules channel once you have entered the discord and abide our policy.
If you would like to give us a try here is the discord. https://discord.gg/sDvAZv
Hope to see you there!


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