Recons; all is not lost!

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The new AL8 and ZH-29 are plenty aggressive for you to stay on the objective and fight.

I'm especially enjoying the ZH. (Otherwise known as the Zerg Halter for those who are curious)

It reminds me of what the 1906 in BF1 always wanted to grow up to be

Don't fret little 1906, keep eating your spinach and you too can grow up to drop enemies with 2 shots at any range

The x3 scope is amazing on it, and the irons are super clean if you prefer non-opticals

I love how heavy and meaty the recoil is, like you're firing a Budweiser can at the enemy. Getting 90 damage with 1 quick tap to the head is luxurious.

Totally unrelated: does anyone know how to do the underarm grenade throw on console?

Same for zeroing for rifles; how to?
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