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Ravic's views on the medic class and class balance

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Side note I don't have a simple fix for Medic weapons and their balance with other class weapons. The recoil patterns, muzzle velocities and sight limitations for them seem like they were originally intended for BF1's version of suppression. The only suggestions I could make that wouldn't break the game because they are minor changes are making them laser accurate with reduced recoil ( think BC2 tap fire ) and increasing the muzzle velocities because more than that would likely cause SMGs to become way too powerful ( people keep asking for damage buff, bad idea, especially since they still haven't addressed the low time to death issue ). Also regarding sight limitation I don't understand why more people haven't brought this up which is that literally all other classes except Medic can equip 3x scopes on their primary weapons and on that point all other classes except Medic have weapons that have range. What purpose is there to isolate the Medic class's combat abilities when all other classes can fight at the same ranges? Which brings me to how I'd actually address this issue which would require major changes. You'd have to swap weapons and gadgets and return to a state of class balance similar to BC2/BF3/BF4. Right now in BF5 the Assault class is similar to the Assault class in BF1. It's not a support role class like the other classes. It's a bastardized version of the Engineer class which was a support role class in previous Frostbite Battlefield titles. All four classes or all classes available in a game with multiple classes like Battlefield should be support role classes so they all depend on each other to handle all situations you'd come across on the battlefield. Medics heal and revive, Supports provide ammo/resupply for gadgets, Snipers/Recons provide spotting and marking targets ( preferably 2D ), Engineers repair vehicles/emplacements. Yes some gadgets would have to be swapped around for example rifle grenade, dynamite, mines, etc. to give AT utility to more than just the Engineer and Support class. Because right now with the state classes are in for BF5 the Assault class doesn't need the other classes. It has the weapons, gadgets and game mechanics to handle all situations. Again this is a type of suggestion that would require major changes and not something likely to ever happen but it's how I'd handle or "fix" the issue because right now I don't really see a reason to play the Medic class or a way to have fun with it ( especially when the smoke grenade launcher doesn't one shot enemies )."


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    nobody cares about the views and opinions of youtubers, they ruin the game bc dice is more interested in catering to them over the entire community that actually plays the game more than just for a video.
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    Exactly,Take your Youtube wannabes and stuff them where the air quality is questionable.
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    Who is that?
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