We Need Server Balance.

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I just installed the game last night and I'm still configuring my set up, but just like BF1 you're joining a server blindfold, straight to a slaughter house on the losing side.
When the round is over it's the same thing all over again, again and again nothing but losses!...

I witness many players pissed off and leaving the server, making the experience even worst for others.

Why can't EA/DICE make servers automatically scrambles players per round when extremely unbalanced?

The browser setting should have been like BF4 where you can :

- Servers Information.
- List of Players in the server, so you can see how balanced the round is.
- Tticket count, so that you can have an (option and wait for the next round).
- Filter Server Browser in detailed, I want to play HC not Normal, but I have no option.

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