Top 3 favorite things?

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Now that the game has been out for a short time (for Deluxe that is I guess) and we've had a chance to tinker with some of the stuff in game, what are your top 3 favorite things so far?

For me, it goes in this order:

1.) Throwing knives. Yes I am aware they are being rebalanced soon. I don't even care. They're so much fun to use, I'll stick with whatever changes they come up with. Starting to really get the hang of em, even got my first headshot kill with one on Fjell. Got the 1st distinction dogtag last night for the 1st 50 kills with em. So, so, sooo much fun.

2.) ZH-29. I Know I made a post about this already, but I can't get over how amazing this weapon is. Heavy, chunky recoil, 2 shot kill at any range. Thing is a POWERHOUSE if you can keep your accuracy. Urban camo with chromed x3 scope looks sick as hell on it as well

3.) Movement system. Everytime I go from crouch running and slide into some bushes, or dive backwards over a small raise in the terrain JUST inn time, to watch bullets fly overhead as I hit the dirt. Running full sprint and notice a sniper glint off to the right, do a full running dive and land on my L shoulder to blast his face off as I land

Really enjoying this game so far; it's BRUTAL, it's CHALLENGING, it's FRUSTRATING at times, but MAN is it fun at the same time


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    1. I actually kinda like the new attrition system. Took me some getting used to but its led to more strategic thinking, for me at least.

    2. The sound design is phenomenal, all of DICEs games have had great sound design but BFVs is far superior. The planes roaring past and deafening you is cool yet equally terrifying

    3. The gunplay is also much better than previous games, the guns feel real and punchier
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