Terrible FPS - 3570K | GTX 1060



  • Malzius
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    Malzius wrote: »
    Sorry to say this but your specs are too low for 2018 titles. My 1060gtx(oC'd) is barely handling recent titles, pretty sure won't be able to in near future unless I decide to compromise too much graphics quality.
    My 7700k @ 4.8 is still holding but not for very long I'm afraid.
    Thinking about a 9700k + 2080 upgrade soon.

    i would say the 7700k is good for another 2 years honestly, anyway i have a ryzen 2700x on the way for my second pc, i might end up swapping some component in it if the ryzen 2700x holds up better in the future, but for now the 7700k at 5 ghz is really good for gaming still

    Well maybe at 5ghz you can squeeze out some more performence but it seems to have hit its limit in my case. What ram speed are you using ?

    Im running a gskill kit 2x8 gb 3200 mhz at 3733 cl 17
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