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    Idk, I mean..

    When you've been around computers as long as I have, ( which is a REALLY long time ) and you've had buggy software multiple times, And have even attempted to make something ( in UE4 ) you get a nice little insight into how difficult it really is to get a product finished that is bug free.

    I like to think of Software as a living breathing thing, It changes as new content is added, Bugs that were previously not there before, Suddenly appear when code is changed..

    It's a law unto itself pretty much.

    Like I said, Even Microsoft has recently been in tech websites for releasing a windows 10 update that was physically DELETING documents from the Documents folder, And W10 has been out how long now? 2, 3 years?

    Try not to dwell on the smaller bugs, Report them as you find them, Capture it on Video ( and what you were doing in the lead up to the bug occurring ) and that will help DICE spot what the root cause is likely to be and squash it.
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    The game came out in this state because EA and its investors want profit before quarter end...nothing more. DICE has a very small influence on when the game comes out. I m sure if it was up to them the game would have come out spring 2019 with all the features enabled and most of the bugs ironed out.

    This is the result :s

    Battlefield 5 drops down to $30 in new sale

    Just days after launch, Battlefield 5 has seen its first price drop at two major US retailers.
    Battlefield 5 doesn’t appear to be doing well at retail. This much is clear from looking at the game’s first week sales in the UK, but it appears the US didn’t fare much better.

    to continue

    Yup exactly. The game has great potential though.

    In UK i think its 5th in sales,anyway im a gamer and i want complete products,i understand the presure from EA but it hurts the BF series and the Father(DICE) should do something... we will wait for EA to destroy another game like Mass effect or medal of honor?in the end many gamers before a new BF game release will say ''im not buying this,it will be a Beta not a complete game''

    Tell me, how does EA destroy the game? DICE are the ones making it. EA are basically using investor dollars to fund the project, and distribute it. All of the flaws, bugs, and direction of the franchise are decided by DICE. If you're going to argue that taking a company public is the problem , or "investors", you'd have to explain the US economy, and why it thrives over every other economy. Good luck with that. Yes, when you use other peoples money to build a game, you have to assume some level of responsibility and accountability. If you're going to take money from investors, you can't be irresponsible. DICE are irresponsible. They are the ones who need to put their big boy pants on , and stop letting people like you shift the responsibility away from the game makers, and hand it over to the people funding the project. If you don't know how this works, please don't comment on it, because you're only making the problem worse.

    Well the timeline for the release of a new BF game is up to EA, everyone knows that.Dice is working for EA and not the opposite,the truth is that both are responsible for rushed games for obvious reasons....

    If you want to start a company, and I'm willing to invest, and give you the money you need for the project, we agree to the terms ahead of time. I don't get to change the rules later as an investor. That's illegal. If we engage in a contract that requires you to pay back my investment in 6 months, and you fail to follow contract, that's your responsibility. Not mine. The only argument you could have , is, we shouldn't be putting time constraints on these projects. The problem with that is, then they wouldn't have any money to fund the project. So , it's somewhat of a paradox, even though this system is still better than no game at all. I just wish people would stop blaming EA , because it shows a gross misunderstanding of how this works, and furthers the problem. If we're not holding the right people accountable, it's never going to get better man. Stop blaming EA. Focus your attention on the people who actually make the decisions. Please. DICE need to find better management who can give investors more realistic timelines based on the talent and skill of their development team. Stop lying to investors and agreeing to contracts you can't fulfill, and rushing half-@#$ games , and annoying everybody. It's getting old. Especially when it's trendy to blame it all on EA for whatever godforsaken reason.

    EA owns DICE now since EA is the principal investor and DICE's mother company.
    I m pretty sure EA imposes the time line, DICE has no choice but to agree.

    I'm pretty sure this is how it is as well. I'm a 3D modeller which works with game models among other things, and usually when every studio gets involved with a publisher, the quality drops. There need to be timelines, ofc, but it's usually in a very unhealthy environment for the designers and the studios has very little to say when they have made a contract with a publisher. If DICE had been it's own publisher I believe the games they created would be more stable, and the people working at DICE, the artists working at DICE, are fantastic at their job. I do however know that DICE has some idiotic terms as well, like they cannot make teaching material they earn money on while working there, which is such a foolish term only thought out by someone who wants to control people.
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