Limiting number of smgs/full-autos and other lesser-used weapons?

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A common misconception of WWI is that it was simply people in trenches with bolt action rifles and stationary mg's. There were a lot of different firearms developed and used throughout the war from semi-auto rifles to smg's and even full auto rifles like the BAR among others.

However the bolt action rifles saw far more use and even though these more advanced weapons existed and were used in the war they were not nearly as widespread or used as much as your springfields/Einfield/Gewehr rifles.

Do you think there should be mechanics in the game that make smg's and other more advanced weaponary limited in numbers?

If anyone here has played it Red Orchestra does this (it's a wwII focused mp game).

You are able to select your role at the start of each round, with the more specialized roles (IE SMG/Mg/Snipers) limited in number with roles like rifleman unlimited. To better reflect how the battlefields usually looked in WWII.

I was thinking if this would work in a battlefield game or would people be too upset that they might not get to choose the semi-automatic sniper every-single match or smg's for close quarters over having a rifle and a bayonet.

Personally I think I'd like it if there were mechanics in teh game that encouraged a more limited number of the lesser used weapons or made the more common ones still vital and effective to be used over simply everyone choosing semi-autos/smg's and things.

Even if it was tied into a "hardcore" mode or something I think that might work best, so those that just want to hop in and play with everyone able to use anything they want can and then those that want a more historical approach to the numbers of these can choose to got htat route if they wish.


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    Battlefield has never really been a "historically accurate" game franchise. The closest it got was probably Battlefield Vietnam, followed by Battlefield 1942. However, look at the latter. The IJN was given the Type 5 (the Japanese "M1 Garand"). While this rifle really didn't see much war use at all, it was still a standard weapon for the IJN in Battlefield 1942 (and Battlefield 1943), even if it wasn't quite portrayed correctly in any Battlefield title. Why? One, because it was a fun-and-interesting addition, and two, to have something a bit more comparable and balanced to the M1 Garand. Then we have Secret Weapons of WW2, which DICE clearly had a lot of fun developing.

    Personally, I feel that Battlefield should never be heavily constrained by "historical accuracy," but at the same time, it shouldn't go too "sci-fi" for the time period (the whole retrieving a pocket EMP nuke during WW2 in the BC2 campaign was a bit too silly). Instead, the games should more-so be a showcase for technology that existed/exists at the respective time period, within reason and balance. As such, I don't find such restrictions to be that appealing, especially if it means you may end up having to play as a scout the majority of the time.
  • Dono5062
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    This sounds awesome. I would hate if the whole other team is sniper or MG. Really they should do this in all of their games. Even modern. It just makes thing more balanced. There should also be a system, where if you don't do anything or do really really badly with a special class, then you can't play it for a little while or the rest of the round. Or maybe you can unlock the ability to be a special class each round, maybe take some cues from the Hero/Villain mode in Battlefront. For example, the top half most accurate players on a team have the opportunity to be a sniper.
  • forthecandy
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    Amazing idea. Modern war is mostly assault rifles everywhere, but Great war was mostly pistols, rifles and occasional machine gun, so this would be great mechanics to prevent something like people running with machine guns everywhere...
  • Reconpilot001
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    As it was said, there are plenty of weapon choices for WW1 that do not include bolt actions, submachine guns were a thing, light machine guns also, although some where new technology and shoddy at best, chauchat anyone?

    i say, if its a prototype, add malfunctions mechanics, not a big one because it wouldnt be fun, like a suddent burst of inaccuracy or the magazine taking longer to take off the gun on reload at random intervals.
  • trhashbrownies
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    Even if they just make the bolt actions worth using I'll be happy. A more historically accurate mode would also be appreciated.
  • NatsuTerran
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    This is one of the main things I am worried about. It's what completely ruined CoD WaW where everyone had an SMG or some form of automatic weapon. I desperately want to see the vast majority of the battlefield looking historically accurate. People play BF over CoD specifically for its authenticity.
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