Comparing BFV with BF3 and some Shooters.

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Comparing between BF3, i'll take BF3 over all of the newer or older titles. The maps felt right, the DLC with close quarters combat was amazing (my opinion). The map size was welcome, as it allowed snipers to flank around the map to place spawn beacons, just great times. The ranges of sniper rifles to get 500+M kills was also welcome in BF3 and BF4, i still remember getting 1k headshots on Firestorm and pissing off the other team, so they would try and crash the thunderbolt into us.

Unlike bad Youtube streamers, i like the blue look of the game.The vehicles and setup style or theme is the direction i would have liked BFV to be, but sadly it's WW2 settings i bet to save time. There are some issues that stand out with comparing an old title to a new one, but i own BF3 and what amazing times i find in each game, but after tested BFV, i was more mad than anything.

(Major reasons i dislike in BFV)

Every MP map is design with this building feature that it renders the map lacking at the start of the game. I feel like some puppet drawing in the lines of some coloring book for devs. Ether because they value balance over creative design decisions, or Dice thought they should add building to Battlefield series (because most likely their kids were playing Fortnite, and they watched them), but didn't have the correct time schedule to allow everyone free building anywhere on the map.

I don't know the main reason for adding it, but the way this feature directly affects the maps, one would have thought they would have said, Hmm Cool, let's add that to a test server, over adding it to the main game and building the maps around it.

If people like it, good, i'm not bashing someone who likes the title, i'm also not looking for agreement from people who also dislike it. I'm trying to understand how a company can release something like BF3 or BF4, can release BFV. I'm sorry, BFV to me is like someone released pong in 2018.

All features of the title, don't help the end user, but do everything in it's power to stop them. I have played games like PUBG, Fortnite like many others and i can see the reason why most won't like it.

The style of BR is more then just some big map with a slow moving out of bounds zone. It's a gametype with very random opportunities for each player, ether be it you win or you die right off the start. Players are given the choice in these titles with little to no outside help. I say this because there are features in BFV that are silly for the type of game Battlefield has always been.

(Other issues)
  1. Class system, Why have an old system that limits the user from what they can use, When they could pick up any other title and user what they want?
  2. Flashlights on Sniper scopes (glint)
  3. Spotting, Radar Spotting, Just taking away from people learning on how to aim
  4. Cheating (PC) Just a joke of a system, it does work and people use the EA Access services to cheat and get a refund and do it all over again
  5. Leader of squad gets to use points, Really Dice, This not some joke? This just makes people to start their own squads. (how this got by testing, you're failing at your own job Dice)
  6. Company coin, Didn't you learn from SW BF2? Why can't i just level up and unlock them?
  7. Weapon upgrade trees, What you think this is an MMO? I would like attachments, Should also be able to change upgrades during gameplay!
  8. Vehicle self repair ( Should be the same system as in BF3 or BF4)
  9. Lack of friendly fire, Where is hardcore Dice?
  10. Operations should be replaced with Rush, Rush, Conquest, Battle Royal) I tested operations, but naa, Doesn't feel fun at all, Just some text over the screen just trying to teach some message, While at the same time i'm looking on Humble Bundle for different titles. (Just boring)
  11. Only medic should be able to revive while not in a single life gamemode.
  12. Flag capture shouldn't help the losing team, and allow them to capture faster.
  13. The reload system for ait units needs a overhaul, It's very odd to have the reload so close to the ground units. (How did this ship with this?)

I look forward to BFV doing well , but i can't / won't act like i wouldn't have just liked a modern Battlefield shooter over WW2 theme. I do think the name should have been BF World War 2 or something over 5, The title is not something one would expect from coming from BF4.
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