Please let us cancel our full reload with the M30

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So many times I've been in a situation where I've fired both shells from my boomstick and begin to reload, only to have an enemy show up after I load one shell in. I instinctively double tap Y to switch weapons twice, hoping that I'll be able to fire the shell I just put in, but, that doesn't happen. It would be a small feature to implement, but it would help add to the realism of using a double barrel. I mean, you guys already got the reload animation done really well, where if you fire one shot, you only enject that one shell, so it would be nice if you could reverse that, so that after firing both, you can load back in only one shell. Maybe something like tap X once to load one shell, tap X twice to load both? And maybe that could even lead to only loading in a few rounds into a rifle thats loading using individual rounds? What do you guys think, am I alone on this, or would it be a huge help?
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