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    I'd rather they hadn't poked the screeching ideologues of either side of the currently raging race to the bottom that is the culture war, but they as a company can do as they please.

    If they care more about trolling and making internet virgins angry than said virgins taking their $$ elsewhere to keep away from the possibility of getting pixel cooties from the wamen in the game, that's on them. Popularity may suffer, but Battlefield as a franchise is probably too big to truly fail as is (even a return to the relative obscurity of the pre-BC2 days wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, IMO, as they could then make the game less casual)

    All the salt will probably blow over before the kids have to take their next dose of Ritalin anyway. It barely affected CoD when they did the same with their customization in WW2's multiplayer (albiet I don't remember them trolling anyone).
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    G-Gnu wrote: »

    Your main post is my favorite of 2018 & far better than any post read (let alone video on YouTube). I was critical towards Battlefield V for DICE hasn't done an good job with BF games since BFBC series. Now, I've mixed opinions on BFV itself (playing the game & has the potential to be an great game. But, it needs fixing) I do blame on two groups: DICE for the things you mentioned & video game community for complaining about everything to the point of developers catering towards certain groups while rest of the fanbase get toss aside.

    It´s not the gaming community, it´s all DICE. They have gone into some "inclusive" mode with twisted thoughts about the world.
    Sigh, i mean i would not allow any thing bad happen to my daughters if i could stop it, but i will not build them a cocoon, sheltering them from the world and give them participation prices either, life is not always fair and some stuff you have to earn.
    Same thing with this stuff , changing history to their view to suit "inclusiveness". There are much better ways to fight equal rights and stuff like that then to go full bonkers as they did.

    Yea that whole thing was weird. I have two daughters so I totally get trying to do everything for them. But at the same time if one of them asked me why women weren't in a WWII game I don't have any problems telling them about how society worked back then and how men fought on the front lines and then explain to them what women actually did to support the war efforts.

    I mean the idea of women fighting on the front lines is still very new and very controversial. It's not even a normal idea yet and in cases where they do try it the armed forces generally have to lower the physical standards compared to the ones set for them men in order for women to qualify.

    Even with all that in mind, DICE can do what they want. But when people who have different expectations of immersion have their reactions you gotta treat them better than what we've seen so far.
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    I don't much care about the need to SJ the game if that's what the developers want to do, its just a game, it doesn't stop me from playing. However, I would love to know the percentage of average women who would either care, or for that matter not roll their eyes at the idea that a game where the goal is to kill each other, played for mostly that reason, by men or boys, would somehow improve their lives as it pertains to equality. Seriously?

    It's just nonsense that only a very few could possibly actually believe, and not because they are better educated, more 'woke', or smarter than the rest of us. In fact it's almost surely the opposite of that, people who have actually been convinced of their superior attitudes through ignorance of their own limitations. I'm married to a woman who has her own professional career, she is quite, for lack of a better word, normal. Imagining she would be excited to hear I also get to shoot female characters in this game, and that it's good for her station in life that this game allows me to do so, would not only make her laugh but probably disturb her. The game isn't the problem, it's just a symptom, it's just a game, but not it seems for the developers, for them it seems to be a statement of belief in a broken ideology.
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    @CHAMMOND1992 @20200sfly Gentlemen, the discussion of political and racial matters is not allowed on the forums.

    This thread has run its course and is devolving into the aforementioned topics and will be closed.
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    It makes me wonder why such a gigantic corporation doesn't care or doesn't even have a functional PR department.
    People can say whatever they want and blame community for overreacting. But there is a thing called good business practises and those do not include being rude with potentional customers or accusing them of something. People responsible for marketing must prevent such acts because in the end those will bite the corporation itself and not the customers. There is literally no reason to shoot yourself in a foot over and over.

    Because until recently it doesnt mattered, the majority still pre-ordered and or/bought it in general. Video gamers seem or seemed to be a special kind of masochists who even defend a company that sells them multiple times a broken or unfinished product. Something which i highly doubt, they would tolerate when buying any other product for their daily life, no matter if for your Hobby or not.
    You can find enough examples for this in the Forum where people tell you that this is normal because programming is complicated and you are ungrateful etc etc etc.
    Guess what ? This isnt my problem. Because on the other side they want my money for their product. So the last thing i - as a costumer - can except is a working product. Working as intended the day i bought it.

    But this attitude of releasing a Banana product which ripes at the costumer and not before became more and more known to long time Gamers and they started waiting to buy after the release. I do this with very, very few exceptions and usually i regret it when i make an excaption form that golden Rule after like i do with Battlefield 5. And Publishers hate that because to them Pre-orders and the first two - four weeks are the most important sales wise.

    Some Companies and their PR Departements realized that and are acting without alienating their costumers. Others...well lets say some take longer to learn. Sometimes long enough until its too late.
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