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The Camping Support Situation Is Getting out of Hand

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I just played 3 rounds of domination on 2 different servers. In each round there were at least 5 to 6 guys per team constantly camping with bipoted mmg/lmgs. This happens in pretty much every match i play and it seems to get worse and worse. The support gets insentivised to camp by the game. Introducing mmgs to the class pretty much directly tells people to camp with their bipod out instead of capping objectives, resupplying teammates, building fortifications or helping their team in any other meaningful way. The bipoted guns are insanely strong, you are dead before you can remotely react in most cases, they are effective at any range and they have zero recoil and zero skill involved in using them.

Enable ads for mmgs with very strong but still controllable recoil and balance the guns with this in mind, add normal recoil to bipoted fire, severely punish players who don't participate in teamplay and only farm kills, increase damage dropoff/bullet drop. Boom, problem solved.
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