Extremely low IQ map design open doors to numerously cheap tactics

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What happened to BF series? BF1 was an excellent game on delivering, decent graphics upgrade, awesome new destruction system, and best of all, great map & online mode design(grand campaign is the best in series IMHO) keep the fun going for years to came, BF V in comparison is a full scale downgrade, the feminist PC crap aside, graphics downgrade, destruction downgrade(AA can't tear through a pencil tiny tree where enemy hides behind really?) and worst of all - dumb map design encourage 0 strategy play, this will kill off BFV faster than the infamous femenist PC agenda.
All 8 maps’ capture point focused on 2-3 narrow choke point + 1 (or 2) “secret” shortcut, visibly is either terrible or leave players no cover to hide behind, spam kill happens frequently, confusing path and player generated fortification makes the game very unbalanced and un-fun. Some terrain on the map will teleport you or make you stand up from prone position etc etc. It’s not even the bugs & technical issues, this game was designed to fail when you pack this 8 low quality maps to launch your game.
I guess they had a new director for map design and game balance.
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