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I really enjoyed Battlefield 1 and grew to be a pretty decent player considering I'm an old person with kids only able to play a few hours a week. I love all things WWII related and own relics including a GArand and a post war/cold war armored car. I was so excited for Battlefield V and had such high hopes.

I have been playing on and off since beginning of November and each time I play I get incrediabily frustrated with the game. I have narrowed my frustration to several things and wanted to know do other casual gamers have the same bad vibe from BFV compared to BF1?

Revive Issues - I hate how the revive works. I loved playing medic and can keep a team up, but this revive process is horrible. When I reach a downed team mate and press "X" I never know what will happen. Here is a list of what happens. 1) Change magazines, 2) pick up downed player's weapon, or 3) the actual revive happens resulting in me being shot or the player getting revived. I cant tell you how many times I changed magazines and exchanged weapons before the actual revive happens. So far my count is 1 magazine swap and 3 weapon exchanges before the actual revive happens.

Weapon Access - I loved that BF1 provided a massive list of weapons that one could earn some in game money and buy. This just seemed to give me access to weapons that fit how I play. I didn't have to grind to get a pretty decent firearm as a medic. Now I feel like all I have access to is SMG's that have significant limitations on distance and damage. I would love it if I could use a M1 Garand as a medic, but that doesn't seem to be an option. I hate that they made BF5 more weapon grinding than buy what you want with the in game money you earn. Maybe BF5 can just permantly leave dropped weapons on the map so medics can pick up something else to use for the round.

Squads - It seems like squads are more locked or full than unlocked and available. It's really hard to find a full squad and a medic running around alone is worthless without a squad.

Smoke - It sucks that they limit a medic to 1 smoke grenade. This item cant damage anything and only good for making it hard to be hit when reviving, but only having 1 makes it very limiting. I also think the smoke lasts less time in BF5 vs. BF1 or maybe it seems like it since the revive takes longer and is harder. The smoke rifle is ok, but it's harder to use on fallen teammates closer.

Lack of WWII Items - I mentioned the M1 Garand which isn't included in this game yet. While the British didn't use them much, they did exist in the British army. The M3 American tank and Sherman is not included which were also part of the British army via the lend lease program America had with the Brits.

Spawning - I'm all for not allowing me to spawn when a squadmate is in combat, but somehow I still span in near them and immediately mowed down before I can seek cover.

Last night it was so frustrating that I wanted to throw my controller at the TV. After playing BF1 I believe BF 5 shouldn't be this hard to enjoy. I love the graphics, the maps, but hate the mechanics. Is it time to give up on BF5 and move to something else?


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    For the revives you only have to tap the button. Don't press or hold it just quickly tap it
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    For the revives you only have to tap the button. Don't press or hold it just quickly tap it

    I tried that. I think the issue is sometimes the "X" icon comes up for either revive or pick up weapon. Sometimes while moving and looking around the "X" disappears as I am hitting it.

    Regardless, when I had the syringe in BF1 it was easier to dart out and revive since it was on the trigger and not bundled with other things.
  • arche289
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    I like the BFV revive. But I do notice it works best when you are above the person and you are at their head or feet. If you try perpendicular from the person it can stall and not register that you want to revive.

    BTW I've been getting 2 smoke grenades as medic. I use all 4 all the time (smoke rifle as well).
  • FlemishLegion
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    Hi all, i am maybe a dinosaur in gaming...being on it long time and quite aware of the evolution of FPS PC gaming. Since DukeNukum on my 486 pc...Soo..After BF4 released i lost a bit the BF...enthousiasm but liked BF1, it was a bit inperfect but ok. Specially after BF4 being more like a COD with additional tactics.. nothing more. This BFV is it should be in WW2 warfare...don't wish the game becoming like a arcade/COD. If you don't like that gameplay go play COD or others...Single player(Story) is like in BF1 amazing. Ok, not an open world gaming but it tells seperate unknown real stories from much different angles. Not in the good/bad-side scenario but also now and then touching the string of human conscience, dramtic, confronting and heroic aspects. Even when you know the story end in a defeat for certain caracters, you play his role. The multiplayer is a big improvement to BF1, simular like BF1 but better brushed. And as you'll know suprisely NO M1 Garand...(think it's going to be the very last weapon to gain or easter egg) its harder to hit, as it was those days... revive system lets you give more involvement. Shame peaple leaving squads..but i cant blame them, if you have 3 snipers or no medic/support in squad who doesn't fulfilled his role...logic or a pilot only playing for himself instead of squad/team
    Sniper limit is needed!!! In most of weapons only x1 or x1.5 zoom as in the days...only snipers/spotters had those luxery. I would suggest other infantry should have bino's to spot but no range spotter had still the advantage
    Spawning is ok, but if squad mate isn't under fire it doesn't mean it isn't suppressed...
    As medic you could say one smoke granade isn't enough, with rifle smoke grenade you have 3. I personally think its good you better cover yourself in smoke for revive...emagine you need to in real wouldn't do it in plain sight i think, yes?
    For the weapons and items generally i find it ok. It's just can't having the game fully loaded from the start. Tides of War system i like, also the daily assignments or requested assignments for gaining credis. Armory system is good. Loadout system and custumizing character/weapon is also challenging.
    Killing/being killed is a bit challenging at this point, i personally think it needs a small tweak here and there. Some hit you one time and you're should be able to know where you've been hit so you can understand why you are dead. Oh i forgot...sniper needs much more sway when not holding breath and breath should be much shorter like in passed BF's sniper has a too big advantage to others..
    Graphics: I build a complete new rig this summer and i can easy play it on 4K TV and 4K monitor and no extra overclocking is needed, must say...astonishing. Temperatures even not hitting the 50C°...Before i had only a cheap HD i am maybe a bit to overwelmed by that.
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