Battlefield [General] - What I liked and disliked about BF from Battlefield

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Hi I'm new to the Forum and I might leave after I wrote that threat.
!!! Regular User, please DONT ANSWER on this, make your own Threat where you explain your thoughts !!!
This is like a letter to DICE
  1. My Battlefield experience:
    I played all Battlefield Games, beside of the new ones (Hardline, I and V), so I would say I know Battlefield quite well.
    BF 3 is the title I played the most and even to this day, I also enjoyed playing BF4. Though those 2 titles are very similar and both have their flaws and do something better then the other.
    Bad Company was like a new era of Shooters with the destruction, I freaking loved it.
    Bad Company was a Title I only played through the Story, a pity, because I heared it should be the best BF up to today.
    As I were young I played BF 1942, 2, Vietnam, 2142 mixed through, mostly slaughtering the NPCs, it were simple times back then, at least for me.
  2. Story Mode:
    - The Battlefield feeling:
    For me BF 1942, 2, Vietnam captured the Battlefield feeling best. You were a soldier under many, you faught your way through, actually you only were shooting at stuff and heard dialog of NPCs, though the athmosphere of an actuall Battliefield were captured quite well (from what was possible back then).
    - The glorified special Soldier:
    In BF3 you were 1 glorious Soldier who saves the world, glorifying war at some point. BF4 yea, you are now a more special Soldier.
    After seeing it the 50th time, it becomes ridiculous and childish.
    - War Stroies:
    The war stroies are actually something which IMO is awesome! What isn't awesome is that is historically inacurrate.
    I personally would prefere an historical accurate Story, where you cover actual stories and tell a Story then just look at gameplay. The Story mode could be much more then just a redesigned map for MP.
    The Cherry on top was BF V trying to rewrite histroy. For me that is just unrespectfull and it feels like spitting on those soldiers who faught and died at this mission. I dont glorify soldiers for their sacrifice, though I respect all Soldiers in WW I and II , doesnt matter if they were at the Aliance side or the side of the **** (I have less respect about soldier nowadays, but that's a different story).

    - Wishes to Improve

    What if you keep the War Stroies and use them to educate people what happened in war, focus on the Story, show what needed to prepare for the D'Day. Perhaps you where a pilote at from the Aliance to supported the bombers. Or show the side of the **** at Stalingrad, where you here the propaganda from russian. I know a **** Panzer Division was very successfull (I sadly cant remember the name, i will edit when I remind it), which is still a role model for tactical useage for tanks and quite some US Tank drivers think that he comander were very skilled. I dont want you to glorify ****, hell, I dont even want you to glorify any soldier in Battlefield. I want to get immersive and get some sort of feeling, that I can somewhat imagin how it was, to run up the hill at D'Day where I see tons of dead bodies in front of me, an MG shooting at my direction which can lead to my death at any time, but I still need to run and take over this position to make it possible take europe can be taken over by the allience. Perhaps I will die 5-10 times, but like you guys did in BF I war story, you show the name of the fallen soldier who died there, take controll over another one.
    What I have seen from war footage (Live leaks and Documentations), a soldier doesnt cry at the moment his buddy died. He usually tries to finish his mission, after the mission is done, then there's time to mourning. Showing the emotional bond during the mission doesnt make me feel like, I'm a soldier, a soldier of many, it feels dramatically, inauthentic.
    I wish that you make some sort of Documentation collection as a story mode.
    - Suggestion for Wars:
    I personally like the weapons of Modern Warfare and I think many of us want a modern shooter again (please no future shooter!). It isnt't like the US isnt a battlehungry organisation. They fight almost constantly at the arbaic area since 20 years (1998 started the invasion on Sudan and Afghanistan by the US).
    You could reflect the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, make a documentation about the fall over the ****, and also how and why the **** begun. Because they started to figth against the Soviets during the Cold war, which got supported by the US (quite ironically, isn't it?)
    Damn, what if you even show the civil colleteral damage? What if you are in Controll over a UAV and you get the fire allowance at a target which later showed it was a camera team.
    Or what if you have to protect a convoy in a tank, and you have to drive through civil teretorry and you get the order to never stop and allways go forward.
    Or talk about human shilding by the IS, where they caged in slaves to protect cars.
    Perhaps you can even show the usage of robots in the US army.
    There is so much story potential where you can show that war isnt black and white, actually there are only bad guys IMO.
    Dont tell a **** imaginated stories about bad russian or chinese and glorified US soldiers, which looks like US propaganda or War promotion.
    Ps.: But I want to play as Nato soldiers, because I like their guns and vehicles^^
  3. Multiplayer:
    IMO BF V does many things very right there
    - I like the new Squad system
    - I dunno how I stand about the ammo capacity but its a nice touch for sure
    - No more random bullet spread, most of your bullets land were you aim at
    - No more Commander Mode
    - I would prefere that all guns for every soldier type can be utualized in every situation, but they should do 1 job better then others. No, some guns are just bad in certan distances right now.
    - - Medic Medium range (more stable)
    - - Pionier Closed range (high rate of fire)
    - - Sniper Long range (slow rate of fire, very stable)
    - - Support Surpression (high ammo capacity)
    - More destruction to play around. The level of destruction in BF3 Close Quaters but on large scale maps, that would be awesome, with perhaps bigger building (I know that will be very ressouce intense)
    - The bombers suck in BF V, I can imagin its beeing very frustration to die at a massiv AEO attack from above, where you cant even take cover or do something against it. IMO, there should be some indication, where you can start taking cover or something, to now just die.
    - Grounded Maps. Like in BF3 and 4 I really liked some maps where you just faught on foot only. But I dont want to miss the tankes and airplanes.
  4. Problems I have with BF right now
    - Rewriting Histroy
    I want to break it down, because you heard it more then enough. SJW are like Neonazis, they are radical and getting pissed of by everything who doesnt share their mind and try to suppress by takeing the victim role. I'm just happy that they dont beat up people like those st*pid***** ****.
    TBH, I dont care about the sex of the protagonist, I even enjoy playing as a femal or as a damn lizard.
    The stroy need to be authentic, immersiv and have a special something for me to be enjoyable. Rewriting hostroy, takes out the authenticity.
    - Glorifying Soldiers
    As I mentioned before, war isnt somthing to be glorified, war is **** for everyone (beside of companies who produce weapons, ammunition etc. which are most based in the USA, what a coincidence). Why then glorifying and promoting it, like the US does in their country? There are more people around the world who think criticle about war, at least I hope so. For me it just feels like a US Army advertisement.
    - No big Battles
    I miss the missions where many NPC were fighting with me to push forward. The invasion into Yemen would be a cool think to cover.
    - Show emotional bonds isn't beeing emitional bonded
    Just because you show an emotional bond between NPCs doesnt mean that I'm emotional bonded. Damn as a Dragon killed my bloody dog, I felt sad, because I had the chance to adopt him or dont care about him, but no I wanted a woof at my hous! And then a **** Dragon pops up and says, hey f*ck your dog lul. Showing a daughter and her mom, doesn't make me emitional bonded in the slightest, or an annoying son and his father
    In Bioshock the NPC companion where supporting me and taking care about me, doing something together, losing her, was a hit.
    Please if you can't provide an emitional bond to an NPC, then dont attampt to, it can only fail that way.
    - Buggy realeases
    TBH, its really sad, that it almost becomes the norm to release a buggy mess at launch in the gameing industry.
  5. Monatizing suggestions
    - 1 week earlier access.
    I'm fine that some people get 1 week earlier access when they pay more. But make it simple, like 1 week.
    - Selling cosmetics.
    You like that skin, you can grind for it or buy it with RL money.
    - Lootboxes done right
    IMO RB6 Siege does it (almost) right. You can purches most consmetics with ingame currency or RL money, you can even buy lootboxes with it.
    You can gamble for your desire loot, you can buy it with RL money or you grind it with ingame currency, all reasonabled prized ofc.
    - Seasonpass
    1 week earlier access and goodies
    - XP Boosters
    Because some people like the higher numbers, perhaps make the level limit 999.
    - Reseting Stats
    Because some care about their stats
    - Weapon unlocks which can be access through progression
    As long the weapons are balanced and the modifications has to be unlocked by playing, I'm fine with. Get some extra cash from the smurfs
    - Special Dog Tags
    Hey, why not greating an flashy dog tag. I heard most people are very attracted to shiny and blinky and colour full stuff, especially kids.
    But please make it reasonable
  6. Final words
    I really like your work DICE developers and it really sades me what your EA and DICE managers does to the name DICE.
    The frostbite engine looks awesome and really provided an cinematic experience, which I dont want to miss in the future. Those guys who actually are programming and designing Battlefield, you are awesome, and I love your work, that's why it really hurts that your PR management turns/rubbs your product into **** (perhaps I oversee that someone in the RP is actually pissed at EA and want to damage it, then you have all my respect, wp)
    I only worked as a QA in the gaming industry for a small Indie company, I dont know how the pressure from above feels and working for EA doesn't sound nice. I hope you can go Indie with the Frostbite enging and create a good game and not regularly pooping out half backed games with a bitty story which doesnt tell anything.
    Best of lucks, hope you can overcome the Devil (which is EA) and get back fo former glory :)
    Did I say, that I dont like EA?
    Rest in Peace
    DreamWorks Interactive
    Black Box Games
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