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Tides of war **bug** xbox one

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Hello, I do not know if this has affected anyone else, as I did a brief search couldn't find anything here. I want to start by saying loving the game and Tides of War is a nice feature. However I noticed a bug last night. My friends and I squaded up, joined a match, were gung ho on getting our Tides Of War Objectives completed, with our eyes set on the VGO! We were annoyed to discover that we were not receving credit for the tasks!

We then each decided to join individual matches. ALAS we were gaining credit! Next we Joined off of each others profile, still earning credit, but it didn't last long. Upon Completion of one objective we lost the ability to earn credit!

With all that said this game pushes squad and team play and what better way to make a squad than with friends! We were looking forward to playing together and earn the VGO and got nowhere.

Lastly I noticed when I was finally on the last assignment... "get a kill with a stationary weapon" I killed an enemy with a stationary weapon, (solo not in a squad) I did not complete the assignment. I had to get off so couldn't keep at that assignment. I will update later with the progress.

DICE please fix the bug of not being able to earn Tides Of War assignments or XP when squad joining friends.
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