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Hello everyone.

So basically, similar to some other people i've seen on forums , a lot of people cant play the game properly because of crashes or bsods.
Basically i dont know what else i can do with my copy of the game (deluxe edition) besides waiting. It seems obvious to a lot of people that the game suffers from a memory leakage and i was seriously hoping Dice would adress the problem with this latest patch but the problem still persists. In my case i played the beta perfectly fine without a problem besides all the bugs present at the time. But now its totally unplayable. My game crashes to desktop or simply freezes (need to force shutdown) or simply gives me a BSOD with some error codes related to memory. Basically ive tried every solution out there, which i will list below:

-reinstalling windows , upgrading it to 1809 version.
- reinstall the game
- clearing origin cache
- deleting the files on docs/battlefield 5 settings
- repair the game countless times.
- tried all 3 versions of latest AMD drivers
- disable windows game mode
- disable my PC overclock that always run fine for 1.5 years on every other software/game
- couple regedit fixes, didnt work
- disable my ram OC
- format the pc clean , install basic drivers , run game, fail miserably.
-tried all kinds of preset graphical settings ingame , none worked or solved the problem
-tried 3d headphones option off and on , cause i read some people had crashes because of that.
-tried Future frame rendering on and off.
-tried both dx12 and dx11
-disable Game DVR

What makes me wonder is that this exact situation happened to me when bf1 came out , game keept closing, crashing or BSOD out of nowhere. sometimes i played for 2 straight hours , no problems and then it would just crash. Magically without doing any change game started working after a month or so. Might be possible Dice released an update that i didnt notice , since origin launches with windows and it has auto updates turned on.
Every other game i play, and i play a ton of them runs fine without a problem so i completely excluded hardware faults in this case. Also triple checked my RAM for errors and its clean. Before the patch the situation was not perfect but was better. I could sometimes play 1 or 2 maps without a problem but then the game would simply crash on a specific map (arras and devastation were 90% certain crash). Sometimes i would finish a match and when the best squad /score screen came up game simply crashed. Right now after the patch things became even worse, game has a 50% chance of loading the map or simply crashing/freezing. Even on the campaing or practice range it usually crashes during map load. Also by turning on perfoverlay.drawfps 1 to show the fps count on the corner of the screen i noticed this, fps on the menus are usually on 180-200 fps, but when i load into a map , during the loading screen it goes as below as 3 fps and i notice the bf5 loading icon crashing a little before either entering the map or crashing to desktop. none of this happened in previous bf titles , besides bf1 where the fps counter would drop a little while loading the map. Besides this crashing/bsod problems the game runs perfectly whenever im able to enter a map and play, usually getting 110-120 fps with all settings on Ultra, lighting, effects, post processing on medium.

My point with this post is simply to have any insight from you, other users of the forums, on either there is something im missing or if some of you also acknowledge that there is a problem with the game that its not on my side. Its becoming incredibly frustrating knowing i paid 70 euros for the deluxe edition and not being able to play the game. I simply wanted to know if dice acknowledges the game has a memory leak that its causing these issues and if they are doing something to fix it, because simply knowing they acknowledge it and are doing smthing to fix it would make me a bit less frustrated. Thanks for your help in advance guys, sorry for my English and excuse me if this is the wrong forum section to post this but im not able to get any help in the Technicall issues section of the forums.

My rig:

Ryzen 2700x

Gigabyte gaming k7 x370

Corsair Vengeance 16Gb DD4 3200mhz

RX 580 Strix 8Gb

Kraken x62 AIO cooler


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    Easy, get a console. Works fine on my Xbox One X.
  • Senotchka
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    Easy, get a console. Works fine on my Xbox One X.

    yeh mate , that aint the kind of help im looking for . I have a console but i would never play an FPS on it. 19 years of gaming and i know very well hows the experience of playing FPS titles on consoles, id call it a joke even. Especially since im very competitive and seeing battlefield on consoles is just a clown fiesta. no flame intended here, just sharing my personal opinion
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