Medals on uniforms pls!

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Hello, I have a couple medals unlocked, it is somewhat nice to achieve them and collect them ofc. BUT me and many of my friends would love to throw them on the uniforms. Right now you can't equip them, they are just things that exist so that you will play a little longer and unlock them, but only for your eyes not for your comrates, team or squads eyes. That is something I would like to see changed in an update soon. Think about how great would it be to see one of your soldiers wearing the medals on your profile page? If we the players wants to and the developers think it's a good idea, it can also be feature while playing - to see a medal on your soldier. I know ofc that they are worn on dress uniforms for ceremonies in general, but this is a game, so everything does not have to be like the real world/life.

And if it is a no to that, would it be possible to atleast have it on your profile page and/or showing the medals on the uniforms in the best squad screen. This is something that would make the experience of the game much more personal, you would truly feel like it is your soldier journey. What do you guys say, vote this up if you like the idea! :smile:
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