Bugs in tides of war?

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So I finished the tasks to get that machine gun. Actually I wanted to fire that stationary weapon last and collect all xp before. However in the middle of a firefight I used a heavy mg.
Now I built that snowman afterwards and also finished the medic crate task but those don't count anymore. Is that by design as I'm missing out on that xp this way.

Also in the tides of war thingy I unlocked the second special assignment which should also earn xp. Called three shot or something. In the overview it says assigned to the company or something. However I can't see it in my available assignments. For the first one it worked and that got it's check after I finished it.

Please delay release until you did proper QA and the UX is still horrible. The UI is cluttered and not consistent. Hard to track progree. Feels like three different teams implementing these and all take a different approach.
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