Battlefield v still buggy after patch

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I'm still experiencing alot of bugs and issues after the december patch. I feel like I'm really unlucky after hearing people online say they are having a blast. Issues are spawning without a gun occasionally, bipod on MMG's not deploying occasionally, my biggest and most annoying problem is after finishing a game in multiplayer when it's loading the next game from devestation to Rotterdam for example it will load infinitely in the rottedam load screen. And this happens every 2 games. Always on devestation and fjell. Other issues aren't affecting gameplay but are still very noticeable. Firing the mg42 after 80 rounds or so while in prone you can hear shells hitting the ground for about 8 seconds after shooting, every 1 in 10 games I'll see a character or more just be grey figures. No textures or anything just plain grey figures. Some games the whole map will just not load and I'm always seeing sandbags or grass or mud go from normal textures to a simple 2d looking texture. Some games i won't even hear a V1 rocket being fired or the sound it makes whilst traveling in the air at all until you hear the boom. I understand if i was experencing 1 or 2 issues still, can't expect everything to be 100% I'm cool with that but it's the fact that after releasing an allready "unpolished" game and then to bring out a patch wich mainly focused extra content and afew tweaks is frustrating to say the least. Anyone else still getting these issues?


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