Can Dice fix even one of these ... now?

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I love the realistic way I can't spot people across the map, and I enjoy this game aside from the numerous flaws:
1. I can't play more than one consecutive game without freezing on the next match loading screen. Are they going to make us wait until January for a fix?
2. How could anyone have thought that medic rifles needed a buff? Now I get one shotted by a Sten from 200 yards. Same goes for pistols - they literally compete with assault rifles. Where are the realism complainers now?
3. Why can we not add assignments or claim unlocks between matches? Is it to accomodate the post match freezing?
4. 50 percent of the time, the rocket option either doesn't allow targeting, or it uses points and doesn't fire a rocket.
5. Can there be an easy way to notify your squad leader that they have 60,000 requistion and can call in (maybe) a rocket?
A fix for one or more of these would be appreciated.


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