Battlefield V TTK Changes are Rolling Out Tomorrow

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Hi Battlefield V Community,

First and foremost, it’s important to have a healthy dialog between our community and our development teams here at DICE. We’ve got that! We’re thankful for your persistence with being vocal through launch to help us identify and address game issues – please note we’re still hammering out a few improvements for some outstanding ones.

One of the more trending conversations since the game has released is around TTK (Time to Kill) and TTD (Time to Death). Both are closely intertwined with each other. Again, thanks to feedback from the majority of our community, we will be making some changes to our TTK/TTD damage models. The new changes directly impacts TTK across the game. This is to ensure a more even gameplay experience for all of our players. These changes will roll out globally across all servers starting on Wednesday, December 12th.

Please dive in and let us know how the changes feel. We will be providing a change list with their implementation tomorrow.

Alongside these changes, we are still working on elements related to TTD improvements including netcode, damage and health feedback, and much more.

We also recognize that a highly engaged portion of our community prefers the current damage model as it is. To account for this, we have set up a new server playlist called “Conquest Core”. This will be live tomorrow as well. Please use this new playlist when comparing the two models as your feedback on both is instrumental in helping us improve Battlefield V’s gameplay experience. Additionally, this new playlist will evolve over time and is the first step toward a traditional Battlefield “Hardcore” experience.

We thank you for your feedback as we continue to refine Battlefield V, and also thank you for your time as you test out the two damage models.

See you on the Battlefield!
The Teams at EA and DICE
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