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There is a problem, my emblem in battlefield 1 appears invisible, and every time I create one cannot be seen neither in my pc and in the playstation.
Also, they do not appear on my weapon, vehicle and soldier, but I can see others.
Plz help this poor pikachu


  • xXxXladyravenXxX
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    I have been looking up the exact same answer to that question for like 2 weeks, I am getting so irritated with it and have spent so much time trying everything to fix it. It doesn't matter what emblem I have created or tried to add it does the exact same thing, to make it worse I have like 100 extra boxes with the plus signs now. The only way I can see the emblems is when I press the edit button, then I press the check mark and its blank all over again. I have tried every browser on my computer and the battlefield companion app, I have even tried on google and the safari browser on my iPhone. I don't have anything blocked on my PlayStation, PSN or in the Battlefield 1 game. I can see everyone else's but cannot see mine, its just a blank space at the end of the match if I end up on the leader board. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Companion App on my phone numerous times, please help me too. If anyone has a solution to this please let me know and its not just custom emblems, I cant even see or use the emblems BF1 gives you.
  • AEcount
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    I have same problem on xbox one
  • Marcanzy6
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    AEcount wrote: »
    I have same problem on xbox one

    Same for me too on Xbox one X...It's frustrating!
  • yellow_jack6
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    Ive got the same issue on PS4.
  • vikingZ88
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    same problem here on PC. No Solutions yet?
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