TTK 2.0 a good 1st step but we still need to see the enemy player

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I still need to be able to clearly identify enemy players in BFV in order to enjoy this version of Battlefield.
IMO, the removal of spotting went way to far. Back in the EAUK forum era it was discussed, in length, that 2D spotting gave those who cheat an advantage. As they didn't need to look at the mini map.
From my memory and understanding 3D spotting became a thing after those discussions. To completely remove any ability to spot at all be it 2D nor 3D makes this more "hardcore" then anything else. And I, as well as others, (although none vocal) don't play hardcore type of first person shooter games.
I cannot enjoy BFV if I cannot see enemies right in front of me. And the removal of spotting completely from the average player using any character goes way to far. We need to be able to "see" enemy team mates clearly without complexity. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


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