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(BF5)(PS4) U.S. Army Rangers recruiting 18+ with mics

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(BF5)(PS4)We are (ARMY) U.S. Army Rangers. (Note we are not claiming we served in the military or ever will, also some members of this may have). We play mostly conquest on normal and we are a casual to semi serious platoon that plays as squads and play the objectives. We are recruiting 18 + mature members with mics preferred. You must play with platoon and in the same squads and sage game. We current have 4 members and we will grow fast. We also use a ranking system. We will have a website and is being currently built. We have a discord. If you are interested in joining send a psn friend request to Animalparent1978 reference recruitment.


  • REZZY87
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    i am intrested in trying out or joining just a gamer looking to mae new friends on the field and polish my skills
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