The Battlefield V 12-13-2018 Update Notes

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Hello, and welcome to the release notes for the Battlefield V 12-13-2018 Update.

This is a small update to address some issues found in our last update on December 11th. Thanks to everyone who reported them to us The team worked over the past couple of days to fix them as quickly as possible.
Change List
  • Fixed an issue where Fortification building would not complete correctly. This affected all Fortifications including defensive Fortifications (sandbags etc.), stationary weapons, resupply stations, and Snögubbe!

We will also be pushing a Live Service Update to address the following:
  • Fixed issue with Tides of War Chapter Header showing incorrect days/hours remaining.
  • Changed the default settings when creating Squads and/or inviting Friends to PUBLIC instead of FRIENDS ONLY.

We hope you’re enjoying our first Chapter of Tides of War and, as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield.

The Battlefield V team
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