(Xboxone) Looking for lively platoon, 18+ (UK)

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as title says im on the Xbox and looking for a platoon, im situated in the UK and i play regularly most evenings and till january, i might be on through the day also.

what im wanting is the platoon to be a fun group, people who want to work together rather than having everyone split about the map, able to get squads up in the evenings, and to be ages 18+ (sorry kids)
i dont care about being top squad, though ive had it happen fairly frequently, i play quite relaxed, i joke, i banter, i call out, i do aim to win, but, i dont want excessive salty and uptight people screaming into my ear over a headset, if we lose we lose.
obviously wanting people on the mics no point playing as a group in a silence.
ive got a strong accent so if English isnt your first language, be aware i might be hard to understand.

not a big list of what im wanting from a platoon there, message me on XBL if you think your platoon and i are a good fit.

Gamertag: Warhead Thirty

also even if your not a platoon, but have a regular group for UK times and i seem like a match for your group, feel free to add, if im not in a group already, ill more than likely hop on.
That pretty much covers it. so far im thoroughly enjoying this game i just want people to enjoy it with.


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    I am interested in trying out i'm from the USA would love to game and polish my skills with gamers from the UK
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