Very sad its come to this.....



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    If you read my posts I said I'm in the same boat genius.
    If it's been around before (I was there) and it was fixed last time, then just wait it out and it'll no doubt be fixed again.

    Not a troll.
    Know perfectly well what one frame is. Again if you read my post correctly I said that all of a sudden, everyone and their mothers, sisters, dentists best friend are spouting on about it whereas that phrase was hardly (if ever) used. It's one big angry bandwagon and I'm just pointing out that it's stupid to jump on it because it just makes everyone look like a cry baby.

    Clearly DICE know about it. And behind the scenes are surely working on it. Yes it sucks, and it detracts from the fun, but chill the F out and give them a chance...

    As for adapting to the previous quoter; all I'll say is of the many thousands of people playing right now, they're finding a way.
    I carry on.
    They carry on.
    Occasionally you're shot round a corner. Or lose a gun battle you should have possibly won. So what. Big deal. How many games you go with 0 kills hey? Exactly. It's part and parcel of a FPS.

    You. Will. Get. Killed.

    Get over yourselves.

    Also the major point was nobody cares about people announcing their plans to no longer play. On a forum aimed at (usually) sensible discussion, all it's been of late is tears, refund, I'm out. Not what I'm here for.
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