Grenades and they pointless existence!



  • Kongo030
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    Smoke Grenade Launcher is actually the only reason to play medic - you can turn games in Breakthrough single handed with it.

    Back to nades...the lollipop killed me more often that it killed my enemies. I don't want to go back to explosive spams from BF1 but fuse delays are a joke. They added the throw back feature and therefore needed to extend the fuse. Feels like they want to forcefully create those 'battlefield moments' by design. That's not how it works. Give us proper Air/Sea/Land battle and we create those moments on our own.
  • Aircool_212
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    It's a shame you can't cook your grenades, but unless there's a better solution to grenade spam than the current one, it's best to stick with how they are.

    Personally, I use incendiary as area denial or to see if people are hiding because the grenade ignites on impact. Same with the impact grenade (clue is in the name). Other than that it's throwing knife (sadly nerfed), smoke or anti-tank. I don't use standard grenades.
  • Jazz
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    Smoke is the most usefull grenade in this game because of the fast TTK

    Smoke is useful but my god, the second half of that sentence gave me a bloody good laugh. Fast, my kidneys hurt.

    I'm with the OP. Grenades are little more than noise creators. I have lost count of the number of grenades I have thrown or fired at someone's feet to have them carry on as if nothing happened. Rubbish. It's bad enough the thrown variety take forever to detonate but you can't even cook them. It would be quicker to post a letter telling the other player he's dead.
  • Beat_Mangler80
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    Well the smoke grenades are more useful than ever before, and incendiary is good at stopping enemy revives.

    I've always found getting kills with incendiaries strangely satisfying.

    Yep me to, but i honestly think the damage should be upped from the burning.

    Well I'm used to hardcore, you will enjoy that when it's finally here.
  • Beat_Mangler80
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    I'm loving the fact smoke grenades are actually useful and a great tactic for assaulting a position

    The smoke is really cool and you are right very useful!
    In contrast to wild fuse times on other grenades, what on earth kind of beta release nonsense is this? Never in my life will I again pay to be a beta tester like this again, with half of the game completely unfinished and 'promised ahead.' How ridiculous. I'm prepared to spend money to encourage people to not buy the next Battlefield game until it's at least six months old - when it will cost almost nothing in comparison, there will be a bunch more content, and there will be a bunch of 'really bad' bugs ironed out, and you can probably have the up-front pre-paid content for free too.
  • Mangrey
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    The fuses on grenades are shocking, really ridiculous. Tank nades take ten seconds and cooking them doesn't work.
    Lots of things like that piled on top of each other make for a poor gaming experience.
    Guess who isn't pre-ordering the next Battlefield game - EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD.

    the AT granade is for tanks and when you hit a tank with it. It detonates on impact. Try shot your granades ;)
  • keithneilson3012
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    DominicO65 wrote: »
    If someone killed you 1st, you don't deserve to kill them with some post-mortem, no skill grenade.

    Grenades in BFV are mostly to be used tactically, not to simply net you free kills because you can't be bothered to engage in a proper gun fight. Use smoke to close the distance on an MMG or sniper user; use incindiary to stop a revive or force the enemy out of cover; use impact to weaken enemies or finish off weak enemies (never liked impact), or use frags if you're skilled enough to shoot them for a quick kill.

    I really love not dying to random grenades unlike BF1. Maps like Metro, Locker and Fort de Vaux might actually play well in BFV thanks to this long overdue change. I'm just praying DICE doesn't revert grenades back to BF1 levels to appease new players 😒

    Don't get me wrong, I agree with the radius blast and damage from BF1 was a little too much, especially in CQ maps like Fort vaux.

    But I completely disagree with it not requiring skill to take out your inevitable killer. It can take a lot of skill to ensure a death doesn't hurt your k/d ratio by taking them out too.

    A grenade was sometimes a method for achieving this.

    There are a ton of times I can be heavily engaged in a gun fight. Take out a couple of guys and need some time to reload. A quick skillful or tactful throw of a grenade into others that may be trying to shoot you could allow a reload and also maybe take them out. If not, you die as you reload.

    With the grenade timing now, this whole approach is gone.

    You can use grenades well by using them to force people away or out of an area. But they are pretty useless as a weapon.

    God help us if they created a medal or assignment to achieve for frag grenade kills. They are too hard to come by IMO.
  • Dr_X2345
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    I agree, they should be able to be 'cooked'. I know there's the thing with shooting them to detonate prematurely, but I feel like they should also be able to be cooked? At the moment they feel very weak, at least the frags. I like the frag grenade rifle a lot though.
    Alternatively, at least shorten the fuse time for the frags. It feels way too hard to get a kill or even damage with them because of how long enemies have to react to it.
  • kreepypriest
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    And grenade spam be gone..
  • Gforce81
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    Y'all are crazy

    The best grenade isn't even a grenade ;)
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