[NA] [PS4] SABO Rectruiting all skill levels!

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SABO platoon is recruiting!!!
We are a newly formed platoon, lead by an experience competitive BF player, who played in ranked BF Platoons. SABO is a casual platoon meant for dedicated players, who communicate, but want to play casually, but still play to win. We will accept platoon challenges as they come, but this platoon is meant more for finding people who want to have fun and play the objective. So if you want to play with dedicated people, but don't want to deal with the hassle of all the platoons who take themselves too serious with mandatory practices, this is the perfect place for you! No skill level required, we accept most and will teach you to play at a high level. Search us on Platoons through the battlefield app to apply to join!

-No minimum K/D or SPM
-Great Place to increase your skill
-Fun, casual gameplay, while still working the objective
-No required activity or weekly practice, just play to have fun and win!!
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