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    Hi guys,

    I'm having the same issue in BF3 - PunkBuster kicking for Violation #74005.

    Started playing BF3 in 2012, but since 2015 I've been very on and off, often going months without even turning on the PC. Been playing a lot over the last couple of weeks, however, and it was the afternoon of 30-12-18 when I was first kicked from a server by PunkBuster.

    Hesitant to even bother saying this, as any cheater would say the same, but I have never cheated in any game, and never will.

    - No cheats/hacks/exploits have ever been installed or used on any machine I have owed, or any machine which my GUID has come into contact with.
    - I am the only person with access to my computer and I do not use the 'Remember Me' function on the Origin Client or Battlelog.
    - The various bits of software on my PC have remained basically unchanged since 2015.
    - Looking at my recent games on Battlelog, I can't see anything that doesn't look like my activity.

    Have been checking out the recent bans on PBBans and it looks like a fair amount of people are getting banned in BF3 for 74005.

    @ 1730 on 02-01-19, 37 of the 100 recent official bans on PBBans were for BF3, and were made up of the following:

    74005 (Multihack) – 23/37
    51161 (Aimbot) – 4/37
    60552 (Wallhack) – 1/37
    81657 (Game Hack) – 1/37
    71555 (Multihack) – 2/37
    82010 (Game Hack) – 1/37
    71398 (Multihack) – 2/37
    130844 (PB Hack) – 1/37
    71306 (Multihack) – 1/37
    51036 (Aimbot) – 1/37

    As you can see, the vast majority are for 74005.

    Does anyone have any idea what these violation codes stand for? Does each one represent a specific piece of software / exploit? Or is 74005 just a generic 'catch all' for the average 'multihack'? I have never looked into anything like this before, so it could just be typical for 74005 to come up as a common violation. No idea.

    One thing I did notice is that in BF4, there are a lot of violations for 74004. Related somehow?

    I have submitted my ticket to EvenBalance, but will be very surprised if I get anything other than the usual copy-paste that they seem to send everyone else...

    To be completely honest, I haven't 'lost' anything by getting banned. I pretty much only play inf maps now with M16, and I have an alt account which allows me to play like this. What bothers me is the black mark on my name.

    Anyone with more findings / info / updates - please post here. If you know of anyone who is having the same issue, please encourage them to post in this thread.


    Great stats, thanks.
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    only they do not need to talk to us
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    I just got warned for swearing. On this forum it is all right to make fun of ones situation and call you "cry baby", but you can't express how you feel back? This forum is for babies, period.

    Funny thing the swear word was blanked out too..........., dat is amazing.
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    sadly, my 69lety father got the ban for multihack MULTIHACK # 74005 and just to just turn on and off the pc + let go bf3 and there is no one among the mums known what this ban got for no reason.Evidentne is the error somewhere else and not the platicich weft legally bought a copy of the game (I need to sell copies of the new bf version) ... but what will happen in the process of playing something else (if I install it).
    I'm really not happy about BF at all, because these constant problems are at bf ...
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    I got also a ban for no reason. 12/28/18.. I did send appeal and still no answer. Is it possible that no1 care about this!? I mean from GCC to Evenbalance. How could I even prove that report i false , I mean it obviosly used exploit on punkbuster and we all got Violation (MULTIHACK) #74005 .. And how can player save him self (GUID) from false bans. I dont want to buy another copy of bf3 and even if I do , I still can get ban cose stats gonna be weird some childish admin and u can get report for his fun.. Playin BF from BF1942 till now nevere ever get ban, but this. This is shame, and what gonna be with BF4,BF1, same!? Why EA dont do somethin or is it gonn be like with BF2 when they shut down servers.. Am really sad, this is not a way to treat customers..and it is serious money when you do a math..
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    Hello guys!

    Before I say anything I see people are getting kicks for using multihacks? :O I've got a global ban but never was kicked before it or got any informations about it!!!!!!! I was playing 5 months ago when I rejoined the game and saw the ban, was checking the logs on Battlelog but I saw no connections in those months, but was playing with BF4 and BFH.

    I've got a ban too without reason only in Battlefield 3! I play BF4 too and sometimes Hardline. I went to the support and got the same infos, but was trying to get more specific informations from the support. I never used a cheat, or if the PunkBuster found anything on my PC it wasn't a cheat.

    AN IMPORTANT QUESTION!!!: Any of you who got banned by nothing: Are you using PeerBlock 1.2 r693 or 1.1 r518 on your computer? For me this is the only application I'm not sure about it, but it's legal and free and downloaded from the official site, and used for years so I don't think it was the problem but would be great to get some more information from you guys. :smile:

    If I'm right, but please correct me if not: The GUID made from your CD Key only. So if someone guess it (maybe with a keygen or i don't know how to get it, I always buy the games I wanna play) they can trigger you a permanent ban.

    I was asking for help but got the same answers without being more specific. I tell you what I've got from the conversation and my experience:
    I've got the same message like in this thread about the we don't say you cheat, but this GUID triggered a hacking or interfering. I saw they don't collect IP addresses, so I decided to get more informations about the interfering. I sadly reinstalled my computer, but I told them I use genuine softwares (even Windows or Office!) so it shouldn't be a crack or something, and always download softwares directly from the developer's site.

    I was asking more than once about the trigger, but got nothing, absolutely nothing about when happened, what triggered it, what happened, etc. I wanted to know the name of the process or something more specific about the situation, but I've got no answer for this question. I've got answer with an e-mail if I think a program triggers false ban I should send it to them...but for real, how could I send them anything if I can't get an answer with a process name, location, file name, anything to identify the software????

    After a few messages got this, I copy-paste it: " I don't see any reason why these suggested programs would cause the violations found on the provided GUID." I wasn't get information about the violations' specific names or anything, so I just have totally no idea what could I do. I was asking the help and figure the situation out to make sure I can't get a ban in other BF games, but it seems I can't get it. I don't care about this ban, but would like to make sure I can't get more in other games.

    For me it seems EvenBalance collects nothing about your ban, and you can't get informations about the it to protect yourself in the future. PunkBuster should collect your Origin ID (or Origin should have one for example 84582842187418418 or something) which identifies a specific account even after 10000 name changes and other things instead of CD Key.

    Thank you for reading this. :smile:
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    origin does have a key that links a specific account no matter how many name changes.

    any ban appeals must go to evenbalance if its a global guid ban, or the third party site that issued it for any others.

    nobody on the forum can assist you, and as such thread is locked.
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