ScEa is recruitng! All platforms!!

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Hello BF players,

ScEa-Gaming (Screaming-Eagles) is now active on Battlefield V.
What is ScEa-Gaming ? ScEa-Gaming is a Multi-Gaming community from Europe.
We play with people with all kinds of skills.
We play casual games and competitive games
ScEa-Gaming started in 2001 and ever since we are a active community.

We are now open for recruitment on Battlefield for all platforms!, We accept all players.
We expect that you can speak English decent, and we expect that you have a microphone and always will be on when playing Discord.

We are currently looking for some players with a skill for leading, and of course normal players, We are also looking for recruitment officers for all kind of games
We are also able to start competitive teams as you wish, ScEa-Gaming servers are not online at this point but can be rented if requested.

Please send me a message if you are interested, or add me on Origin : Shepard-NLD

You can also register and apply on forum here (website is just back online):

Our Discord Channel :
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