Lately, So many Bad Players in DOM

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I have witnessed it during the last 3 days, hopefully those noobs are from Christmas Season who just got a new BFV copy. In DOM, I saw half of my team running toward the same place where they were ambushed over and over getting foolishly killed over and over again. I was on a team with 5 players level 0, surprisingly those weren't the unskilled players ruining the match, these were guys with level 10-20 making the massacre by a 4 player clan way more productive. At the end these 4 clan members playing together had almost 390 kills combined. It totally ruined the experience how naive and unexperienced as shooters they were. I had 2 friends who convinced them to buy BF5 2 days ago. First ever try out attempt for them in a tough map like Twisted Steel in DOM against elite players and they did amazingly well. They went 23-23 and 21-14 ending in 3rd and 4th place, right below us. Have to admit, they have experience in shooters like COD BO4, Fortnite BR and Battlefront 2, it was their first time ever for my friends playing a Battlefield game. Advise to those casual players who has no idea how to deal with skilled players, try to stick together at all times with your team and for the love of god, please be more cautious. This is not COD, destiny or overwatch.
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