Game tag players are ruining Domination, proposed simple solution here.

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I can see almost evey day how those farm players, usually sharing game tags and playing four of them together, when they were on my team and because there was a competitive team to play against, we lost every match, but those 4 players remained on top 4 positions with amazing K/D’s and score, when the server put them on The opossite team, they started to lose because those players rarely/never play objective. The Solution is very simple, force them to play objective, otherwise they should play team deathmatch or COD BO4, by giving them incentives, instead of giving players 200,300,400 points for capturing a objective, give players 400,600 or 800 points, at least they won’t be top 4 places anymore, if that doesn’t work then simply consider removing K/D from the game. It worked wonders for Battlefront 2 game also from DICE.


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    SWBF has no k/d stat tracking? That's pretty neat, though.. That's a hypercasual game, BFV is aimed at being more a harder more tactical experience and being able to to at least track your own stat progress can be helpful to measure your weak and strong points.

    As for dom, i've always understood that that's where players go to farm/cheese their stats. I agree that if the mode doesn't count k/d for points, then the scoring system needs to be reworked. At least if those platooned gents have to suffer with terrible SPM, then maybe they'll have incentive to ptfo. That's if they care about SPM
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