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A few suggestions to make gameplay better

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So I have collected some of the features other Battlefield games offered, yet they are not present in BF5. I think these would make the game way better than it already is.
1. Removal of sniper scope glints - not just on the 3x scope, on every one of them. Since I can already pick any sniper on any distance with any assault rifle, this would be a fine little buff
2. Displaying icons above ammo box and med kit, not just on screen but also through walls and on the minimap in ~20-30 meters or so. This would make it far easier for orher players to get ammo/health. It would also fix the lack of med kit usage.
3. Allowing us to take ammo/health from their host classes without them giving - this was a feature in Battlefield Hardline that received a warm welcome. Even though the attrition system improved this, there are still support players not willing to give ammo when needed. Also in the middle of chaos, where 40 players clash in one alley in Rotterdam, these players can‘t play attention to give ammo/health, would be a lot simpler to just simply take them when you need them.
4. Fixing spawn issues - on some occasions I noticed that the time it takes to spawn sometimes jumps from 6 to 10 seconds. Usually happens when I get knifed
5. Giving us an option to disable censorship in chat - a minor issue that bugs me, if I get insulted I like seeing what they insult me with. Also sometimes absurd stuff gets censored like „who reads“ or „put a“ which make no sense at all.
6. Giving us the option to switch/choose assignments mid-game, and maybe when I complete Mastery III it should outright take me to Mastery IV, without me having to select it. Also a huge redesign for the Mastery assignemts is needed.
7. Decreasing round start timer - 45 seconds is just too much for me, 30 seconds would be nice.
8. Make some daily assignments harder - give us 1 easy that rewards 100 coins, 1 mediocore that gives us 200 coins and a hard one that has 300 coins
9. Make objective areas bigger on Domination, their radius is too small.

These are just a few suggestions to start with. Feel free to add any further suggestions. Let‘s have a discussion about this, maybe Dice checks this one out and decides to implement some of the better ones.
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