180-250 FPS possible on 2080 Ti?

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I'm thinking about upgrading my graphics card+monitor soon. I currently have a 970 GTX, 6800k, 16gb of ram and an Benq Zowie 2720z. I have a Vega 64 waiting for me but am thinking about returning it for a 2080 or 2080 ti, maybe even dual 1080 ti's and would like to upgrade to a Benq XL2546 240HZ DyAc monitor to run BF5 at 180-240FPS. I don't mind having mixed video settings if i'm able to achieve a steady high FPS as the only point of getting a 240hz monitor would be if i am able to push FPS close to 240. Right now with my current settings I can maintain around 110 on most maps with the 970 so I assume the 2080 TI will be a huge improvement. Can anyone comment that has a 2080 TI if they mix med/low settings on 1080p if they're able to achieve FPS close to that?

Also, if anyone has had experience with 240hz 1080p vs IPS 1440p 144hz with freesync/Gsync playing the battlefield series i would love for input. I'm very torn between a faster monitor for FPS gaming or monitor with better color and better resolution. My main purpose for the computer i use is light browsing but mostly FPS gaming. I've been a fairly competitive FPS gamer since 2001 and has been the primary purpose for my desktops since then. All comments are appreciated! Price isn't really an option within limits(don't want to shell out more than another 1-2k).


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    I believe that a 2080 Ti would be capable of 240 Hz on low settings BUT your CPU, especially if not heavily overclocked (>4700 MHz) would be a bottleneck.
    Moreover as far as I know the BF1 engine is limited at 200 fps. I would rather buy a 2K 144 Hz monitor with G-Sync. 240 Hz monitors are made for very light competitive games, such as CS:GO and Overwatch.
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    I have 8700k 4.7ghz , 1080ti and a Asus PG258Q 240hz. I used to have, Benq 2420Z and i have to say, getting 140-180fps on this monitor is absolutely insane. The new 240hz panels are very good in general. I also tested Benq 2540 240hz and this monitor is really smooth aswell, but the colors are not that great comparing to the Asus PG258Q. I advice you, not to aim for more than 180fps.

    p.s. Check the best monitors for gaming sorted from best to worse
    And don't forget to calibrate your monitor for a little better colors.
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