Constructive feedback and areas for improvement [title edited for all caps]

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This is just a constructive and multi-point bug submission along with a few suggested game changes, which are causing many players concern.

(1) First, when selecting Advanced Search for a game server, I select specific game modes like Conquest, and when that particular server appears for a map, I click on it, and it commonly transfers me to Breakthrough or another non-Conquest game type. Please check into this, as it has happened to me many times.

(2) Second, and this is probably a simple coding change is the indication for availability of a vehicle on a given map. I am not referring to the tanks or planes, but rather the transports. For example, when you re-spawn, you see a white icon for a vehicle at a given spawning point, but when you click on that point, a vehicle is NOT there. Now, perhaps the developers intended for this to mean that a transport MAY spawn there, but it is very deceiving because then you have to either wait for the transport to spawn or appear, or then walk a long distance to other parts of the map. Perhaps you can remove that white icon if there is not a vehicle there, or perhaps change it from white to another color like Green if there is indeed a vehicle there?

(3) Third, I play the medic a lot, and I find that when I approach a wounded soldier, that it is very awkward sometimes to click on E to heal them. 90% of the time it is fine, but occasionally, there are odd angles where the healing simply cannot occur, and then you get shot too many times and die. Please make it easier to get near the wounded soldier and heal them. Especially, when crouching or approaching around a corner or on an angle if there are on a ledge, etc.

(4) Fourth, and this is discussed many times in the Forum, is that the gunner positions at the top of the various tanks and the transports is basically a very dangerous seat and almost always results in a player getting shot prematurely. Over time, players will simply not want to spawn in that seat, as it is far too risky, and this is a big problem for vehicles because it will then become a wasted slot. I would suggest that you provide a more secure area, with a bit of armor to make this more palatable for players.

(5) Fifth, the Practice Range needs to be simplified materially. While it was a nice idea to walk in-between areas on a map, it takes a lot of time to go back and forth. It would be far more user friendly if we could just select the areas from a quick search menu and instantly go there. Walking back and forth actually DISCOURAGES me from going to the Practice Range.

(6) Lastly, the AA tanks are FAR too powerful when facing a Tiger or Churchill tank. These really need to be nerfed when facing heavy armor tanks. I see a LOT of players entering these units and fire ammo at tanks from a far distance with great effect. This is not realistic, in my opinion, and skews the game materially. Please consider this change.

Other than that, I really like Battlefield 5. Thank you for your time and consideration of these six points, which matter to me.

Thank you.
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