From worst to best maps in the game?

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What maps du you think being the worst to best? For me I would say:

Panzerstorm: This one is way to open for infantry, I know its a vehicle focused map, but there are way too few vehicles to spawn into. If you're a gunner in a tank you will get sniped instantly. And its way to big, it feels like a running simulator sometimes.

Aerodrome: Same here way too open, but a lot better than Panzer. Like Dice wanted, the most action on this map is on C flag and a bit on D. Its hard to stay alive for long in this area. This map is pretty good except its too open, I would like more canyons and a few more buildings..

Hamada: Same here, way to open and too few tanks to make it fun. CQ assault is not my type either, I would prefer CQ on this map and more tanks.

Arras: This map is fun around E flag. I would like the village to be bit bigger and less open fields on this map.

Twisted steel: The bridge is the strongest part on this map, sniping is awesome and I like the trails underneath the bridge were you can sneak around.

Narvik: one of my favorite maps, its awesome running around in the village, its not too big either. The train yard is awesome and well balanced map. A couple of more tanks would be nice.

Rotterdam/Devastation: These two maps share the 2nd place. I like them both, many places to sneak around and take cover. They are both good sniper and assault maps, a few more vehicles would be nice on Rotterdam.

Fjell 652: I personally think this is the best map, it reminds me a lot of Operation Locker with all the passes and a lot of close quarters.

Whats your list, and why?

I also think a map editor for the community would be cool. Make it a competition, the community makes maps, people vote on them, best maps gets into the game. Dice got more time fixing the game ;) Or just do as Ubisoft and Far Cry add a map editor to the game and make an arcade mode so we can play each others maps in TDM CQ etc.


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    Tier#1 All-time great:

    Tier#2 Excellent map:

    Tier#3 Good map:
    Aerodrome, Arras

    Tier#4 Below average:

    Tier#5 Tolerable once a day:
    Panzersturm, Hamada

    Tier#6 Bad map:
    Twisted Steel

    Tier#7 All-time garbage:
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