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  • Forkbeard84
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    Well, now there seems to be a US West R2BFV server that is running conquest on maps like Verdun, Rupture, Soisons and Fort Deveau..

    Not sure how they change the R2BFV servers especially since the road to BFV should be mostly completed.

    I'm not complaining about getting some new maps though.

    Also, for those wanting help seeding a new server I'd be down for that. Maybe we could set a date and time to populate a server? If we planned it, we might get enough repeat players to keep it going.

    Yeah, when I read Antares65z post last night that they had R2BFV servers again I got excited and hopped right on one last night. Of course it has limited maps but I actually got to play Verdun and Fort De Vaux!! Whoohooo. Pretty sad when you get excited about a R2BFV sever just to play a non-vanilla map!! lol.
    I would join a date and time sever If someone wanted. I have a bad feeling it would only be me, you and Ant. :|

    Lol probably would be just us three. Unless... someone advertised the server in multiple forums like here and on Reddit and we set a date at least a month into the future. Someone could even message every player they play battlefield with on the playstation of the upcoming server seed date. i.e. everytime you play a game of conquest, you message all the players on the scoreboard. That way, you might be able to achieve a critical mass of players to keep a server going. But its gonna be a lot of work to let everyone know.
  • trip1ex
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    Server browser isn’t showing servers again. gotta join quick match.
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