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Micro Stuttering

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Hello guys,

i have no idea if theres already another topic about this. but i want to share my experience.

i have 3 problems with battlefield 5:
- too low fps (~80 fps with a [email protected], i7-8700k)
- micro-stuttering
- fps drops (80 -> 55)

then i found this website and i checked the possible solution to remove mirco-stuttering:

they call the solutions to remove mirco-stuttering "fix standby memory".

i tested it and yeah, it works for me.
the FPS are the same (it feels like its a bit boosted, by around 5 or 10 fps).
no fps drops and no micro-stuttering anymore!

tested it on breakthrough, deathmatch and on the practice-camp.

i hope itll help you too!

good night


  • Aircool_212
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    So basically, rebooting your machine before playing a game will do exactly the same thing?
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