first map points in operations dosent count?!!?

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lets say i do the concuer hell operation,
there are 2 maps, the BALLAROM BLITZ and ARRGONE FOREST.
we won the ballrom blitz one, i got like 11,000 points.
then it started from 0 in the arrgone forest map (same team of course)
and i got 8,000~ points.
tehn after the operation is over it says- victory, blablabla...... and the points that im awarder are only 8,000+bunoses.
what happened to the points from the FIRST MAP?!


  • boutneus
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    They are awarded. 2nd map only shows 2nd map points, never anywhere does it ever show full operation points unless you don’t make it past first map. It also give you the win multiplier if you make it past first map as attackers for that 1
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