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Tides of War Mission Unlock Issues

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Hello everyone.

We are aware of the issue with the Tides Of War missions not tracking as it should and we are looking into it, No ETA for a fix.

Update, 31/12/18:

You still have a few days left to complete Chapter 1, Week4: Snøstorm.
We heard that some of you struggle to complete the last storyline node because you encounter an issue with tracking.

We've worked with EA Support and they might be able to help you out. Before you reach out to an EA Advisor as outlined below, please ensure that you made progress in the week you're contacting about.

EA support won't be able to give you the XP or complete a Tides of War assignment for you.

The main chapter rewards are what you get in the end of the tree:

How to contact EA support
  • Click this link : https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/?product=battlefield-v
  • Choose your platform ( PC / XBONE / PS4 )
  • Select "Missing items"
  • Next, Select "Never got items"
  • Then choose chat or phone option.
  • Explain to the customer support advisor that you have not received your ToW items

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